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23. Tori Spelling Plays Nice!

CelebriMom Tori Spelling Plays Nice! Tori’s tool for busy mamas -Stephanie Elliot aka Manic Mommy Scroll down for contest details to win an autographed play date planner from Tori, plus a bevy of Mott’s for Tots products!! Play dates are not only fun for kids, but they’re great for moms to connect and refresh, a […] Continue reading

24. Play Daze: Celebrity Parents and TV

Seen and Heard Play Daze: Celebrity Parents and TV TV distracts kids from play -Mary Beth Sammons Here’s some shocking news on the parenting front: It turns out TV distracts kids from playing. Even if you don’t plop your kids in front of the TV, the mere background noise interferes with the development of attention […] Continue reading

25. Tattooed With Love

Seen and Heard Tattooed With Love Celebs lead trend of tattooing kids’ photos on parents’ arms -Mary Beth Sammons To think I used to feel guilty when friends or business associates would ask me to see photos of my kids, and I’d reach into my purse only to discover I forgot my cute little mini […] Continue reading