Charlotte Perkins

1. Mum's the Word

Woman to Women Mum’s the Word Mom and daughter share secret about piercing truth By: Charlotte Perkins My teenage daughter, Stella, and I have a secret.  It’s one of the few things we’ve shared in years. Under normal circumstances, if we had a traditional relationship of mother and daughter living together (meaning loving and fighting […] Continue reading

2. In Hindsight

In Her Words In Hindsight I was invisible in my marriage from the beginning By: Charlotte Perkins In the Pierre hotel, on the day of my wedding, the oddest thing happened. It was a portend, I suppose – a sign of what was to come. That day, I was getting married to a man I’d […] Continue reading

3. His Loss

In Her Words His Loss A broken relationship ends in a dream fulfilled By: Charlotte Perkins My ex-boyfriend, Edmund, ignored me at cocktail parties, forgot that my mother had cancer and, oh, yes, hid from an ex-girlfriend while he was out with me. A smorgasbord of mishaps, the kind of incidents that make most women […] Continue reading

4. First Pancake

First Pancake The one you throw away after divorce By: Charlotte Perkins After my divorce, I started looking around for a boyfriend. I had no qualms about going online. I liked the efficiency of it. Years ago, in the pre-Web age, I used New York Magazine‘s personals column to find myself a nice doctor out […] Continue reading

5. Mystery Man (continued)

Mystery Man (continued) His best-hidden asset was me By: Charlotte Perkins Edmund laughed. “Not enough,” he said. “Not nearly enough!” Was I invisible? Was I standing too deeply in the black shadow of a Rodin? Suddenly spying a waiter carrying a silver tray of miniature ice crème cones, Edmund shouted, “ice crème!” then sped off […] Continue reading

6. Love, No?

Love, No? Cheap affection By: Charlotte Perkins After the divorce, I found myself a boyfriend, one with extremely good taste. My children were appalled. They called me a whore. They are teenagers, but still, hearing them call me a whore was a shock. My ex-mother-in-law quickly assumed her EX role with the news of my […] Continue reading

7. Mystery Man

In her words Mystery Man His best-hidden asset was me By: Charlotte Perkins Although Edmund and I had been seeing each other regularly, he never introduced me to his friends. He certainly had friends, because the phone in his flat rang constantly, and he was very open about his callers. They were women friends, he […] Continue reading

8. An Aerobics Battlefield

An Aerobics Battlefield Exercising with the woman who ruined my marriage By: Charlotte Perkins My ex-husband’s lover and I share the same aerobics class, and why not? We shared the same man for months before I discovered the affair. This woman now spends time in my home and takes my daughter shopping for skinny jeans […] Continue reading