5. Online Dating Dilemma

ASK REAL GUYS Online Dating Dilemma Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I recently joined an online dating service, and I’ve spoken with two gentlemen over the phone. There is one that I am interested in very much, and our first conversation was wonderful, we even made tentative plans to get together in the near future. My […] Continue reading

6. Did He Have You at Hello?

In the News Did He Have You at Hello? What science says about love at first sight By: Mayra David “So – do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by you one more time?” That eye-rolling pickup line hall-of-famer may sound like a joke, but if somebody offered […] Continue reading

7. The One, but Maybe Not the Only

In Her Words The One, but Maybe Not the Only Lightning can strike and mean nothing By: Mayra David A few years ago, my best friend and I went on a weekend road trip from New York to Montreal. There, beneath the northern stars, at an open-air screening of some film about love and miracles, […] Continue reading

8. Is he into you?

Tipping List Is He Into You? How to tell if he’s interested By: Jessica Love It’s easy to misread a guy’s signals when you’re caught up in a flurry of socializing, cocktails and good music. Is he checking you out because you’re beautiful and classy, or because he thinks you’d be good in bed? You […] Continue reading