20. Where Have all the Good Men Gone?

ASK REAL GUYS Where Have all the Good Men Gone? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I need advice on how to find a man who is willing to commit, because every time I try to date someone they play games and then disappear after sleeping with me. How can you tell if a man really likes […] Continue reading

21. In the G Spot

In Her Words In the G Spot Becoming The Girlfriend without having The Talk By: Kim Essency I’m not quite sure how I got here. I’d been dating Mike for about two months, and we were hanging out on a Saturday afternoon. He needed to stop by his office to pick up some papers. A […] Continue reading

22. The One, but Maybe Not the Only

In Her Words The One, but Maybe Not the Only Lightning can strike and mean nothing By: Mayra David A few years ago, my best friend and I went on a weekend road trip from New York to Montreal. There, beneath the northern stars, at an open-air screening of some film about love and miracles, […] Continue reading

23. Attorney at Love

Attorney at Love Advice: Do the Little Things By: Valerie Vinyard Jim Duzak’s phone voice is deep and soulful, like one of those “love-line” DJs at night. Which is fitting. The self-described “Attorney at Love” has spent much of his life dealing with issues of marriage, divorce, single-parenting, post-divorce dating and remarriage. Duzak wrote the […] Continue reading

24. Right Hand Ring

In Her Words Right Hand Ring A commitment to me -Nicole Christie Your left hand says, “I love you.” Your right hand says, “I love me too.” So DeBeers proclaims in their “Right Hand Ring” campaign. I can’t be the only one who fell for this men-who-needs-’em, modern-day bra-burning declaration. I certainly epitomize the target […] Continue reading