20. Communication Trouble

ASK REAL GUYS Communication Trouble Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I met a very nice man online, and we communicated for about six weeks before meeting for coffee. We ended up chatting for well over two hours, and at the end of the evening he suggested that we get together again. I said that I would […] Continue reading

21. Is He Still Interested?

ASK REAL GUYS Is He Still Interested? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I met this guy online, and we talked back and forth for over a week. I gave him my phone number, and when he called he asked if I wanted to go out this weekend, and I said yes. He said he would call […] Continue reading

22. Moving In Together

ASK REAL GUYS Moving In Together Dear ASK REAL GUYS: My boyfriend (49) and I (43) have been together for two years. We are in love and get along great. I’ve suggested moving in together and other couples are constantly asking us – “When are you two FINALLY moving in together?” My boyfriend hasn’t really […] Continue reading

23. Friends or Lovers?

ASK REAL GUYS Friends or Lovers? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have known this guy for almost six years. We started going out for about two weeks before he up and decided to join the Marines. Now every time he comes back to visit his family he gives me a call and we get together. […] Continue reading

24. Anal Stimulation

ASK REAL GUYS Anal Stimulation Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I would like to try sticking my finger in my boyfriend’s bum but have never done it – to any man – and am afraid to try. In not so many words he has said that he wouldn’t mind, but I’m afraid of messing it up. […] Continue reading

25. Does He Love Me Enough to Marry Me?

ASK REAL GUYS Does He Love Me Enough to Marry Me? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: How do I know if I am his one and only? He says he wants to be with me for life, but will he ever ask me to marry him? Steven: Without knowing all of the details regarding your situation, […] Continue reading