4. I Want a Dog!

Just Another Manic Mommy I Want a Dog! Dear Manic Mommy: How can I get my parents to buy me a dog? I know the reason they won’t get me one, because my mom said I don’t keep my room clean. I wrote my mom and dad a letter saying that if I keep my […] Continue reading

5. She's Not Talking about the Baby Bottle

Just Another Manic Mommy She’s Not Talking about the Baby Bottle Dear Manic Mommy: Is drinking wine OK, and how much a week? I’m 13 weeks pregnant, and due in February. Manic Mommy: Drinking wine or anything alcoholic is never OK while pregnant, and if you are asking if you can, and how much you […] Continue reading

6. My Daughter's OD'ing on Sugar!

Just Another Manic Mommy My Daughter’s OD’ing on Sugar! Dear Manic Mommy: I’m an experienced intermediate teacher. I have four kids: three girls (8, 10 and 12) and a 2-year-old boy. My 12-year-old has always been given a lot of responsibility but now she has started to behave extremely badly. She breaks her things, wastes […] Continue reading

7. The Crystal Ball Says …

Just Another Manic Mommy The Crystal Ball Says … Dear Manic Mommy: I’m having these symptoms: lightheadedness, bloating, fatigue, nausea, headaches and cramping but my period isn’t due for another week. What do you think it is? Manic Mommy: You didn’t mention to me at all about when you had sex during your cycle so […] Continue reading

8. Crampin' My Style

Just Another Manic Mommy Crampin’ My Style Dear Manic Mommy: I am having sharp cramps in my lower abdomen and I am only four weeks pregnant. Do you have any suggestions? Manic Mommy: It could be implantation of the embryo, but I would bring up your concern with your doctor at your next appointment. As […] Continue reading

9. Under Pressure!

Just Another Manic Mommy Under Pressure! Dear Manic Mommy: Hi how are you? I am 28 weeks pregnant and I have been feeling pressure down in my pelvic area for about a week and mild Braxton Hicks contractions. I know Braxton Hicks are normal, but I don’t think the pressure is. I have two other […] Continue reading

10. To School in a Diaper?

Just Another Manic Mommy To School in a Diaper? Dear Manic Mommy: What is the easiest way to potty-train a 3-year-old boy? He has no interest at all and is going to be attending school. I can’t send him in a diaper! Manic Mommy: Potty training + No Interest = Not Going to Happen. I […] Continue reading

11. How Do They Get in There?

Just Another Manic Mommy How Do They Get in There? Dear Manic Mommy: My daughter is 5 years old. She wants to know how babies get into the mommy’s belly. What is the simplest answer to that question? Manic Mommy: I remember making this parenting mistake: telling too much too soon. When my son was […] Continue reading

12. The Sticks and the Stories

In Her Words The Sticks and the Stories Why they are not trash to me -Stephanie Elliot I collect ’em. In our closet, there are four or five peed-on sticks, with the double-purple lines fading away, and my handwritten comments on them, with the date I took the test. Is it strange that I have […] Continue reading

13. Have any good advice?

Just Another Manic Mommy Have any good advice? Dear Manic Mommy: I just found out I’m pregnant. This is my first child. Is there any advice you can give me? Manic Mommy: First of all, congratulations! The best advice I have for a newly pregnant woman is that you will get advice from EVERYONE! The […] Continue reading

14. My son got his girlfriend pregnant

Just Another Manic Mommy My son got his girlfriend pregnant Dear Manic Mommy: My teenage son recently got his girlfriend pregnant. They were very upfront with telling us about it, but of course my husband and I can’t help but be angry and upset with them both for letting this happen. We have had many […] Continue reading

15. I drank a lot!

Just Another Manic Mommy I drank a lot! Dear Manic Mommy: I’m pregnant but don’t know how far along. During my 21st birthday I was unaware that I was with-child, so I drank a lot and now I’m wondering if that will affect the baby? Manic Mommy: Remember, I’m not a doctor, and I’ve never […] Continue reading

16. How soon can I find out?

Just Another Manic Mommy How soon can I find out? Dear Manic Mommy: What is the earliest I can find out I’m expecting? Manic Mommy: Usually, right around when you should be expecting your period. Consult the back of an early pregnancy test box to find out how early you can test for pregnancy. Continue reading

17. My mom will flip out!

Just Another Manic Mommy My mom will flip out! Dear Manic Mommy: I think I’m pregnant and I don’t know how to tell my mom. She thinks I’m still a virgin and I’m scared she is going to flip out on me and I don’t want that. Manic Mommy: You think you’re pregnant but you’re […] Continue reading

18. Am I pregnant?

Just Another Manic Mommy Am I pregnant? Dear Manic Mommy: Hi, my name is Samantha and I wanted to know if there are any ways of knowing if you’re pregnant before the two weeks? I’ve been peeing a lot and have experienced weird feelings in my stomach. I have also noticed that I’ve been eating […] Continue reading

19. Am I pregnant?

  Just Another Manic Mommy Am I pregnant? Dear Manic Mommy: I am wondering if I am pregnant. I have missed my period, my breasts are sore but tingly, and I am cramping mildly – I have been for a few days actually. I have not been bleeding, but I have been leaking clear fluid. […] Continue reading

20. Feeling the Pressure to Procreate

Just Another Manic Mommy Feeling the Pressure to Procreate Dear Manic Mommy: I have been married for over two years and my husband and mom are pressuring me to have children. I personally have not been “bitten” by the pregnancy bug and cannot foresee it in the next three to four years. Everyone around me […] Continue reading

21. Dad or Not?

  Manic Mommy Dad or Not? Dear Manic Mommy: WHEN SHOULD WE START? I am just around the corner from turning 30 and my wife is too. We have recently talked about starting a family. We actually have some names picked out. Sometimes we both like the idea and other times we can’t imagine having […] Continue reading