35. Never Again

Woman to Women Never Again How one woman made the choice to just say no to (re)marriage -Celeste Catanzaro My husband waited until after we were married to share his philosophy on marriage. Since we’d been together for three years before the deed, you’d think he would have found time to mention that he even […] Continue reading

36. Never say Never

Woman to Women Never say Never Words that won’t get you far in an argument By: Jennifer Canzoneri I recently came across a realization about myself and my relationship that was eye opening and jaw dropping. Telling your husband (or partner) that he “never” does something or “always” does something isn’t the most effective way […] Continue reading

37. The Couple Who Travels Together

The Tipping List The Couple Who Travels Together Tips for making the most of your vacations By: Jennifer Canzoneri My husband, Mike and I were in Florida recently visiting his grandmother for her 80th birthday. Although we’re aspiring globetrotters – if our bank account would ever cooperate with us – traveling is always somewhat stressful. […] Continue reading