Dating advice

23. Meet Steven Gaffney

Wow! Meet Steven Gaffney Our very own “real guy” – meet the man behind our most popular advice column! -April Daniels Hussar Steven Gaffney has been a sought-after and successful business speaker and coach for many years – and lucky for us he realized long ago that the same principles that make good business make […] Continue reading

24. A Different Kind of V-Day

In Her Words A Different Kind of V-Day Beware of taking advice from strangers… -Carrie Seim I just had an intimate encounter with a homeless woman and her vagina. I’m trying to decide whether to call this phase “Rock Bottom,” “Please Make it Stop” or “I Don’t Want to See That.” Here’s how I met […] Continue reading

25. The Rules Will Never Die

Between the Pages The Rules Will Never Die It’s been 12 years – where are they now? -Kim Essency When I was two years out of college and fresh on the New York dating scene, I read the hottest relationship book on the market: The Rules . This was circa 1996 – before the rise […] Continue reading