Elizabeth Edwards

22. The Blame Game

Woman to Women The Blame Game It’s a mistake to throw stones at Elizabeth Edwards -Mary Beth Sammons When it comes to married men cheating on their wives, I personally have absolutely no sympathy and for reasons of pride alone, am the first to say: “Done.” “Out of here,” “Que sera, sera,” or in the […] Continue reading

23. John Edwards' Cheating Heart, Crumbling Career

She Reports John Edwards’ Cheating Heart, Crumbling Career His apology couldn’t save his political career -Suzanne Robitaille Last week we found out that Senator John Edwards, who made a solid democratic presidential run this year, cheated on his wife, Elizabeth. The story about Edwards’ illicit affair with Reille Hunter broke last October in the National […] Continue reading

24. John Edwards Joins the Ranks of Cheaters

In the News John Edwards Joins the Ranks of Cheaters Why don’t any of these wives just up and leave their sorry asses? -Julie Ryan Evans So John Edwards has officially joined the ranks of political liars and cheaters, and once again his wife is standing by his side with forgiveness in her heart … […] Continue reading