17. Emotions Are Ready to Spill Out!

Just Another Manic Mommy Emotions Are Ready to Spill Out! Dear Manic Mommy: I am pregnant and as you may know, we get really sensitive and I cry a lot now that I am almost due. I have a lot of things that I hold inside and keep to myself and I have not told […] Continue reading

18. Ode to My Shoes

Ode to My Shoes An alternative to romance By: Faith Deutschle In times of need some people turn to a) comfort food, b) friends, c) family or d) alcohol. I have done all of the above and still feel less than fulfilled. I need to be wooed. I need to be loved. I need a […] Continue reading

19. Preggo Smash!

In Her Words Preggo Smash! Pregnancy hormones will make you do strange things By: M.Z. McCabe When I first got pregnant and started reading every book, article and opinion on pregnancy, I wondered where was my realization was. Where was that definitive moment that made me feel like a crazy pregnant lady? When was I […] Continue reading