entry-level job

2. Gen-Y Gets a Job

Your Career Coach Gen-Y Gets a Job Dear Michele, I’m a recent college graduate who has just moved to a new city. I don’t know anyone, and I am looking for employment. I worked as a server at restaurants through college, and since I just graduated, I’m seeking an entry-level job to start my career. […] Continue reading
The Devil Eats Chocolate Macaroons

3. The Devil Eats Chocolate Macaroons

In Her Words The Devil Eats Chocolate Macaroons Even working as a slave to a slave has an upside By: Katie Egan My first day on the job, she wanted macaroons – chocolate ones. I left the office at 21st and Broadway in Manhattan and headed toward the Dean & DeLuca near Union Square. On […] Continue reading
Pay Your Dues and Use the Membership

4. Pay Your Dues and Use the Membership

In Her Words Pay Your Dues and Use the Membership Everyone starts on the bottom rung By: Mayra David “Paying your dues” – the tried and true rite of passage of the working world. I knew I had to pay them. But I also knew I wanted to work in a creative field that often […] Continue reading
Just Let Me Work

5. Just Let Me Work

In Her Words Just Let Me Work Frustrations of the entry-level professional By: Jessica M. Love When a young woman graduates from a fine intellectual institution with noteworthy grades, internship experience and focused career aspirations, she doesn’t realize that her talents may go unnoticed for quite some time. When a young woman obtains her first […] Continue reading