4. Why won't my ex leave me alone?

ASK REAL GUYS Why won’t my ex leave me alone? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Three years ago, I dated a guy who was infamously late for our dates, often cancelled at the last minute, or flaked about calling when he said he would. Now that I’ve been in a new relationship for the past two […] Continue reading

5. Feels Like the First Time

Leader: In her Words Feels Like the First Time Lessons in love from a first beau, a Foreigner song and Bambi -Gina Anderson If you haven’t watched Bambi lately, I recommend doing so. Actually, I insist on it. The 1942 Disney classic offers traditional timelessness through which we are reminded of simple life lessons. Like […] Continue reading

6. His Loss

In Her Words His Loss A broken relationship ends in a dream fulfilled By: Charlotte Perkins My ex-boyfriend, Edmund, ignored me at cocktail parties, forgot that my mother had cancer and, oh, yes, hid from an ex-girlfriend while he was out with me. A smorgasbord of mishaps, the kind of incidents that make most women […] Continue reading