2. Do Clothes Make the Man?

In Her Words Do Clothes Make the Man? Seeing past his flaws By: Janet Parkinson In my 20s, I wore a lot of black. My boyfriend, David, in contrast, wore anything he found lying around. In keeping with all that black, I was pretty serious. David mixed practicality with downright silliness. When my bedroom was […] Continue reading

3. Accentuate the Negative

Woman to Women Accentuate the Negative Find someone to love your butt By: Reed Walton “Daaaaaaaaaaaammmn! She got a big butt!” OK, that’s hard for anyone to hear, right? Especially at 19 impressionable years old, and in the middle of the fashion district in lower Manhattan. “Cringe” is an understatement. Unfortunately, I carried that understatement […] Continue reading