26. How Do I Know if He's Interested?

ASK REAL GUYS How Do I Know if He’s Interested? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have a male friend whom I have known for over twenty years, though we only started to get close about two and a half years ago. We have both previously been in romantic relationships before. We have sensational e-telephone conversations […] Continue reading

27. Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry

Woman to Women Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry Why the Me Generation Can’t Say Those Two Little Words -Jennifer Lubell Recently, I sought an apology from one of my best friends.She had been less than sympathetic about a problem I was having at work, and I sent her an e-mail message, telling her […] Continue reading

28. And Then There Were Three

In Her Words And Then There Were Three When friendship is a family affair By: Julie Ryan Evans I’ve never had a problem making friends, and throughout my life I have gathered an amazing array of them that I treasure dearly. These friendships evolved organically as we gravitated toward each other. Then I got married. […] Continue reading

29. Putting the end in friend

Putting the “end” in “friend” When a friend dumps You By: Clarice Joos We look to our dearest girlfriends for comfort and cheerleading when our hearts get broken. They’re not supposed to be the ones who break our hearts, stop returning calls and decide that “they’re just not that into you”. But that’s how an […] Continue reading