Gina Anderson

4. WOW! Stephanie Hanson

Woman Of The Week Stephanie Hanson Thousands of veterans helped her piece together her father’s heroic life -Gina Anderson In a world of uncertainty Stephanie Hanson is sure of one thing – the legacy her birth father, Gary Norman Young, left her. Author of A Corpsman’s Legacy, she was adopted at birth and never considered […] Continue reading

5. 8 Things You Should Never Say to a Man

The Tipping List 8 Things You Should Never Say to a Man “Are you OK?” and 7 others that will push him away rather than reel him in -Gina Anderson Since the genesis of male/female relationships, both genders have struggled with exactly what to say. And when to say it. As women and, more important, […] Continue reading

6. Do you Give Good E-mail?

The Tipping List Do you Give Good E-mail? 4 tips to make sure you have him at LOL -Gina Anderson Long gone are the days of polite, face-to-face chitchat. Today’s dating madness is all about “e” – e-courting, e-maintenance and even the occasional e-Dear John. Your e-mail says a lot about you when it comes […] Continue reading

7. Love Your Neighbor

Woman to Women Love Your Neighbor Until the fire truck shows up -Gina Anderson “Love your neighbor” is a perfectly reasonable, rational, respectable phrase to live by. And if we all kept it in mind, all the time, it might even be safe to say that this wacky world of ours could be (gasp!) a […] Continue reading

8. Tips for Chicks in Charge

Leader: The Tipping List Tips for Chicks in Charge Advice for women at the top of the ladder from one a few rungs below -Gina Anderson There are a few things in the world that should never under any circumstances come back into vogue: skorts (my closet is still crying), cars with wood paneling (why […] Continue reading

9. Win one for the Gipper (Without Losing Your Guy!)

The Tipping List Win one for the Gipper (Without Losing Your Guy!) How to date a sports nut -Gina Anderson You meet a nice one. Maybe even a great one. He’s adorable, attentive, assertive in all the right ways. Love of family, love of friends, and love of … Sports. Signed memorabilia, ratty jerseys and […] Continue reading

10. Feels Like the First Time

Leader: In her Words Feels Like the First Time Lessons in love from a first beau, a Foreigner song and Bambi -Gina Anderson If you haven’t watched Bambi lately, I recommend doing so. Actually, I insist on it. The 1942 Disney classic offers traditional timelessness through which we are reminded of simple life lessons. Like […] Continue reading

11. Life's "Do Not" List

The Tipping List Life’s “Do Not” List Don’t paint your nails after four martinis By: Gina Anderson Forget everything everyone has told you to put on your to-do list. Here we’ve figured out what not to do to get ahead. Why do the do’s when you can do the don’ts? · Don’t paint your nails […] Continue reading

12. Made-up to Order

Woman to Women Made-up to Order Making yourself up with mom-knows-best advice By: Gina Anderson Why is it that Mom always seems to know best? Even years later, you can hear her mantras ringing in your ears: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” she suggested when the guy who was known for flawless animal […] Continue reading

13. Sex and the Art of Boxing

In Her Words Sex and the Art of Boxing A one-night stand without losing a shred of dignity By: Gina Anderson Maybe I’m just really into getting fit lately (okay, I’m not). Or maybe I have a lot of pent-up aggression (okay, I do). I wasn’t entirely sure of the reason, but I was recently […] Continue reading

14. The Onion Wins Again

Woman to Women The Onion Wins Again Our choices matter By: Gina Anderson I’d rather do just about anything than shop for groceries. Shark diving, swimsuit scouting, behind-the-fridge cleaning. I marvel at people who skip down the aisles, carelessly weaving their way from Apple Jacks to Ziploc bags. Especially when I don’t know the difference […] Continue reading