growing up

6. Perfect Parenting

Mom to Mom Perfect Parenting Who’s to blame when they grow up too fast? -Stephanie Elliot OK, so I’m not that cool anymore. My kids are on to me. They’d rather go to the movies with their friends, or hang out at the park with their friends, or lock themselves in the basement with their […] Continue reading

7. My Old Self

In Her Words My Old Self Finding what I wanted all along By: Alena Jemas Confession: I never thought I’d be married before 30. In fact, my idol when I was younger was my mother’s good friend Celia, a kick-ass, 40- something litigator with an apartment overlooking Central Park and a string of men practically […] Continue reading

8. Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance Why parents can play it cool By: Samantha Gendler Growing up, I couldn’t wait to get out of the house so I could finally prove to my parents that I was right and they were wrong on every level. I was that kid in school with the worst lunch. While other kids stood […] Continue reading