29. Signs of Cheating

ASK REAL GUYS Signs of Cheating Dear ASK REAL GUYS: How do you know when a man is cheating on you? Avery: There are many ways to know if a man is cheating on you. If he suddenly loses interest with no explanation, or if he can’t accurately account for his whereabouts, or if he […] Continue reading

30. It's in His Genes?!

Love & Sex It’s in His Genes?! Yet another thing to blame on the in-laws -Judy McGuire Punk singer Poly Styrene once shrieked, “Genetic engineering could create the perfect race.” She was singing a warning against eugenics, but this latest bit of science news might make some of us want to rethink the topic. Scientists […] Continue reading

31. Flogging the Agony Aunts: September 15, 2008

Advice Roundup Flogging the Agony Aunts: September 15, 2008 The week’s worst relationship advice -Judy McGuire We start off this week with my favorite whipping boy, Salon’s Cary Tennis. Wednesday, Cary heard from a whiner who complains that while he’s a seriously fabulous person – creative, brilliant, insightful and employed – he’s still hung up […] Continue reading

32. Never Again

Woman to Women Never Again How one woman made the choice to just say no to (re)marriage -Celeste Catanzaro My husband waited until after we were married to share his philosophy on marriage. Since we’d been together for three years before the deed, you’d think he would have found time to mention that he even […] Continue reading

33. Did Sarah Palin Have an Affair?

Scoop Did Sarah Palin Have an Affair? Rumors say yes, what do you think? -Julie Ryan Evans Did Sarah Palin have an affair with her husband’s business colleague in the mid 1990s? The National Enquirer says yes. While not the most respected journalistic publication out there, they certainly do get it right sometimes – such […] Continue reading

34. He Won't Let It Go

ASK REAL GUYS He Won’t Let It Go Dear ASK REAL GUYS: My fiancé and I have been together for about four years. I attend college and he works as a baker to support the both of us – since I am not a U.S. citizen and can’t get a job outside of school. A […] Continue reading

35. Ditched for Another Woman

ASK REAL GUYS Ditched for Another Woman Dear ASK REAL GUYS: After 26 years of marriage, three sons and one grandson, my husband reunited with an old girlfriend in Indiana (we live in Georgia). This happened three years ago and my family is still dealing with the devastating effects. I have not been able to […] Continue reading

36. I Want Him Back

ASK REAL GUYS I Want Him Back Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I love this guy and he loves me, we are a perfect fit. Unfortunately I sent him away because I was having some problems and I refused to discuss it with him. Because of this, he now has a girlfriend whom he has cheated […] Continue reading

38. Is He Playing Me?

ASK REAL GUYS Is He Playing Me? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have kind of been dating someone, although he says that we are not in a “relationship.” I have met his friends, his parents and most of his relatives. I would not classify myself as a typical female: I don’t call all the time, […] Continue reading

39. Should I Follow My Gut?

ASK REAL GUYS Should I Follow My Gut? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I am a fairly attractive, (or at least I’ve been told) 40-something-year-old woman. I am a hairdresser and have recently noticed some definite chemistry developing between this younger man and I. There is always a lot of smiling and flirtation, and we have […] Continue reading

40. Am I Losing My Affair to Another Woman?

ASK REAL GUYS Am I Losing My Affair to Another Woman? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have been seeing a man for about a year; it is a relationship that is both emotional and sexual. He is presently living with someone, and I am married. He spends a great deal of time with me, and […] Continue reading

41. Is He Cheating?

ASK REAL GUYS Is He Cheating? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have been dating a married man for a year and a half and have been living with him for six months now. Sometimes when he talks to his almost ex he leaves the room, and when he goes to her house to pick up […] Continue reading

42. He Has a Girlfriend

ASK REAL GUYS He Has a Girlfriend Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I am 24-years-old, and I have been seeing a guy who has a girlfriend. It’s not the best decision I’ve ever made, but we get along well and he is very honest with me. I know he cares for his girlfriend as a friend […] Continue reading

43. My Marriage Ended Over Oral Sex

ASK REAL GUYS My Marriage Ended Over Oral Sex Dear ASK REAL GUYS: My husband cheated on me (having oral sex – which I still consider cheating) with the wife of another couple we were close to. Her appearance nor her character can compare to what I have, but apparently she sucked and swallowed and […] Continue reading

44. John Edwards Joins the Ranks of Cheaters

In the News John Edwards Joins the Ranks of Cheaters Why don’t any of these wives just up and leave their sorry asses? -Julie Ryan Evans So John Edwards has officially joined the ranks of political liars and cheaters, and once again his wife is standing by his side with forgiveness in her heart … […] Continue reading

45. An Action Plan for Dealing with an Affair

The Tipping List An Action Plan for Dealing with an Affair Dealing with the devastation of infidelity -Dr. Josh Klapow, peoplejam We watch it happen on television, we hear about it on the radio, and we read about it in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. Infidelity. From celebrities to politicians to our friends and […] Continue reading

46. Betrayal in his Inbox

In her Words Betrayal in his Inbox When is cheating, cheating? By: Jill Benson A while ago, I noticed my husband had been acting a bit distant. One Saturday, he left up his e-mail account. In the 10 years of our marriage, I have never felt the need nor had the interest to sneak into […] Continue reading

48. What to Do About a Cheating Husband

What Would Debbie Do? What to Do About a Cheating Husband?    Dear Debbie, I just found out my husband is cheating on me. I am so torn apart and angry at him, I don’t know what to do. Please help.                          –Cindy Dear Cindy, The betrayal of an affair is a devastating thing. Right […] Continue reading