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10. From Frying Pan to Fire?

Woman to Women From Frying Pan to Fire? Two steps to help you evaluate whether a job is all it’s cracked up to be -Jodi Hutchison Education, ability, technical skill, aptitude and mastery – you’ll find these outlined in various degrees of painstaking detail in any rote job description. You yourself may even be “able […] Continue reading

11. The Rules Have Changed

Hot Topics The Rules Have Changed What do we expect of men in a new world? By: Mayra David A couple years ago, I was at a party and overheard two women talking about their sons. “I think he’s lost,” one woman said. “I don’t think he knows how to be a man in this […] Continue reading

12. Take This Job, Then Leave It

In Her Words Take This Job, Then Leave It The search to find the best for herself By: Kristin Johnson A few years ago, my mom was laid off from her job. Her 20 years of service and loyalty were gone in the blink of an eye, with nothing more than a handshake and a […] Continue reading