18. She'll Take Manhattan!

In Her Words She’ll Take Manhattan! After failing to find a job in New York City, a Scottish girl learns to enjoy what drew her to the city in the first place -Christina Priest It was Easter in 2006 when I embarked on the trip of my dreams. Living in Scotland, I’d decided I had […] Continue reading

19. Creating Your Vision Board

The Tipping List Creating Your Vision Board You can accomplish your dreams simply by surrounding yourself with images of how you want your life to be -Sasha Khan “What do you see yourself doing in five years?” Has anybody asked you that question and you realized that you have no answer? Or you find yourself […] Continue reading

20. Is Your Headhunter Leading You On?

The Tipping List Is Your Headhunter Leading You On? With the right questions and a bit of knowledge, you can outsmart even the slyest recruiter -Suzanne Robitaille Executive recruiters operate in a fast-paced world. They’re constantly sourcing jobs as well as the candidates to fill them. As a job seeker you’ll often hear the same […] Continue reading