John McCain

21. Betty's Biggest Boob of the Week

Weekly Boob Betty’s Biggest Boob of the Week McCain, can you seriously not know how many homes you own? -Julie Ryan Evans I hate to bash political candidates for small gaffes because they’re pretty understandable – all the appearances, press interviews, travel, fatigue. I can only imagine what I’d say after a few weeks on […] Continue reading

22. John McCain's Suspicious Mole

In the News John McCain’s Suspicious Mole His mole removal reminds us about the dangers of skin cancer -Mindy Fletcher Making headlines this week, presidential candidate John McCain gave more of a health warning than political speech. After having a suspicious mole removed from the side of his face, skin cancer became front page news […] Continue reading

23. John McCain: Wife Swapper

In Her Words John McCain: Wife Swapper What does this mean for us single girls? -Carrie Seim It’s the classic cliché: Man marries gorgeous woman. Man gets taken prisoner of war. Woman waits eight years for man to return, faithfully raising their children and surviving a disfiguring car accident. Man returns, finds woman “changed” and […] Continue reading