Kara Posner

1. Boyfriends Who Became Good Friends

Boyfriends Who Became Good Friends By: Kara Posner At our wedding, my husband and I each invited people that we had previously dated. I adore his previous girlfriends, and he went out to his bachelor party with a guy I once dated. While all of these people are good friends now, it was not easy […] Continue reading

2. Hot Dish

Hot Dish By: Kara Posner It always kills me to hear women say they don’t get along with other women. Huh? I want to say to them, “It is ridiculous to expect 51% of the U.S. population to similarly meet your bleak expectations.” After all, we are each so incredibly different. So, my condolences to […] Continue reading

3. 8 reasons to re-consider a girl-friendship

8 reasons to re-consider a girl-friendship By: Kara Posner She instantly loves everything you show interest in, from a guy to your jeans. There is no exchange of ideas in this relationship. If you have nothing to learn from her, it will get very boring, very quickly. That is, unless you feed off of the […] Continue reading

4. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? By: Kara Posner I’ve done a lot of moving around the U.S. One city in particular was a poor match for me. The high amount of traffic and endless strip malls detracted from where others told me to look for beauty and peace. I had a hard time […] Continue reading

5. Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight You’re bound to disagree—but then what? By: Kara Posner I was talking to a friend the other day when the words, “My husband and I fight fair,” crossed my lips. I said this because while we have had our share of hurt feelings and disagreements, one of us doesn’t tend to inflict […] Continue reading

6. Rank Your Friends

Rank Your Friends By: Kara Posner If you were getting married (or renewing your vows), how would you rank the following 9 friends? Rank them from “1,” being the Maid of Honor, to “9” she might get an announcement. She was the first person you thought of to drive the two hours to pick you […] Continue reading

7. Meet Myrna Blyth

Meet Myrna Blyth BettyConfidential.com’s Woman of the Week By: Kara Posner For more than 20 years, Myrna Blyth was the editor-in-chief of Ladies’ Home Journal. She was only the third editor-in-chief in the history of this woman’s magazine. Of this she says, “I don’t think that currently there could be a male editor of a […] Continue reading

8. The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us Step away from the snuggles By: Kara Posner A friend recently asked me how the whole marriage thing was going. He asked if my husband I were hitting the “separate bedroom stage” yet. Having never heard of this stage I was intrigued. “Do tell,” I said. He said, “Yeah, every couple […] Continue reading

9. Her Defining Moment: Deborah Perry Piscione Co-founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief BettyConfidential.com

Her Defining Moment: Deborah Perry PiscioneCo-founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief BettyConfidential.com By: Kara Posner Mustered Nineteen-Ninety-Eight was an eventful year for Deborah Perry Piscione. She had just returned to Washington, DC after a short hiatus from national politics when she was asked to divert career paths, and jump on national television to serve as a political […] Continue reading

10. Did You Need Another Reason to Quit Smoking?

Did You Need Another Reason to Quit Smoking? By: Kara Posner A study printed in the November 2007 “American Journal of Public Health” found New York state’s 2003 Clean Indoor Air Act resulted in “3,813 fewer hospital admissions for acute myocardial infarction [heart attacks] than would have been expected in the absence of the comprehensive […] Continue reading

11. Get Traveling Already!

Get Traveling Already! By: Kara Posner The best advice I ever got for planning my travels was to spend some time in a bookstore with a large travel section. Pour over the pictures in every book you can get your hands on. Narrow down your selection by asking yourself which location you would like to […] Continue reading

12. Ch Ch Ch Changes

Ch Ch Ch Changes Putting a dead-end job to rest By: Kara Posner I have been at a job for seven years; about four years too long. It was survival work to support me while I figured out what I wanted to do. Seven years, two abandoned courses of study, and a few promotions later […] Continue reading

13. Today Is the Day

Today Is the Day By: Kara Posner I recently had a discussion with Aryn, the Betty Confidential numerologist. She shared her powerful insights into some of our modern woman behaviors. I don’t think she knew how directly they hit home and how much her words meant to me. I wanted to pass her wisdom along. […] Continue reading

14. Work Release

Work Release Cryin’ in the girls room By: Kara Posner Tell me what you really think: should women ever get caught crying in the office? I’m wondering if the dramatic display negates the professional image and instead evokes the annoying, overly emotional stereotype attributed to females. I’ve been there. The criticism got a little too […] Continue reading

15. Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure By: Kara Posner I have a particularly impressive friend who is a constant role model for me. It’s not that she’s taken up Mother Teresa’s work or is curing cancer; it’s that she’s had some shining moments where she has acted and reacted admirably. One of the more light-hearted moments was on […] Continue reading

16. Oh, What a Night

Oh, What a Night Fun with dating duds By: Kara Posner There are so many terrific bad date stories, if only there was enough blog space on the internet. I fully acknowledge that there may be bad date stories with fingers pointed in my direction. This still doesn’t humble me from relishing the retelling of […] Continue reading

17. Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted Relationship Growing Pains By: Kara Posner When I started dating my now husband, it had been a while since I was terribly serious about a boy. Boys came and went, and I was used to many other things in my life taking more attention and effort. One afternoon I lost track of time […] Continue reading

18. Maintaining Friendships

Maintaining Friendships By: Kara Posner When I was in high school, my friends were the people I ate lunch with and who I didn’t mind giving my last piece of gum to. In college, I knew my friends because we kept eyes on each other after too many keg stands. In my twenties, they were […] Continue reading

19. Saying No

Saying No By: Kara Posner “When you really want to say no, say no. You can’t do everything -or at least not well.” -Anna Quindlen, columnist and author I got this quote off of one of those quote-a-day calendars. I love it because it reminds me to empower myself. Since I don’t have a magic […] Continue reading

20. Anita Hill

Anita Hill By: Kara Posner In 1991, no matter whom you supported – whether it was Anita Hill, the government career lawyer whose life and reputation were dissected on the public stage by the Judiciary Committee and for months afterwards by the FBI, or Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court hopeful who was accused of explicit […] Continue reading

21. Vow's It Going?

Vow’s It Going? What to really ask the bride-to-be By: Kara Posner When planning my wedding I cruised the Internet looking for ideas for decorations, cutting costs, and reducing environmental impact. Somewhere in the blogosphere, an unknown author mentioned something that helped me find perspective on more than just color schemes. This person pointed out […] Continue reading

22. Bless This Dress

Bless This Dress A wedding miracle By: Kara Posner Ladies, pick out your shade of jealously. I have a great wedding dress story. I was driving the three hours to my fiance’s city when the sign for Popeye’s beckoned me towards their popcorn shrimp. (yes, this is about a wedding dress.) Popeye’s didn’t show up […] Continue reading

23. Know Thy Neighbor

Know Thy Neighbor By: Kara Posner My fiance’ doesn’t want to fraternize with the other couple living on our floor. I’ve just moved into the apartment where he’s lived for six years. They seem like cool folks, but, when I suggested asking them over for dinner he morphs into a little boy about to do […] Continue reading

24. Raise your hand if you're…, you know

Raise your hand if you’re…, you know By: Kara Posner How do I know which way a romantic relationship is going? How can I be so sure? Everyone has different cues and clues. For me, I relate to an old Saturday Night Live sketch where a man and a woman were at dinner getting to […] Continue reading

25. Delayed Reaction

Delayed Reaction Would you just get back to me?! By: Kara Posner It is frustrating waiting to hear back from people who take days to respond to business voicemails or emails. There are other people depending on me to complete my work and it kills me when others are holding me up. Sometimes the delay […] Continue reading