Kristin Blank

2. The Other Woman

In Her Words The Other Woman How to love your mother-in-law By: Kristin Blank Most of us have heard our friends or sisters lamenting what “his mother” said or did to her. Countless movies, books and diary entries are devoted to the “mother-in-law problem” (see Monster-in-Law, starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez, and Snowed In […] Continue reading

3. Brides Beware

Woman to Women Brides Beware The size of your wedding dress may shock you By: Kristin Blank I used to wear a tight size 20. Now, I go to the local mall and come out with a comfortable size 8. Nice and average, I figured. Then, I went for my wedding-gown fitting. I told the […] Continue reading

4. Fat Girl in Thin Clothing

In Her Words Fat Girl in Thin Clothing The me who no longer exists By: Kristin Blank My photo albums are filled with pictures of a girl who no longer exists. She’s a brunette. Five-and-a-half feet tall. Brown-eyed. Broad-shouldered. Always smiling. Mostly, she is fat. Her skin bubbles where it should be tight—beneath her jaw, […] Continue reading

5. Starting Weight

Starting Weight Inspiration to change By: Kristin Blank It’s 2008, and I’m happy to say that my body mass index, or BMI, is 24, healthy. But it wasn’t always that way. At my first Weight Watchers meeting in January 2002—at a strip-mall squeezed next to an aromatic Chinese restaurant—my sister Jennifer and I filled out […] Continue reading

6. Public Humiliation and the Dutiful Woman

In Her Words Public Humiliation and the Dutiful Woman I wouldn’t be on that stage with Eliot Spitzer By: Kristin Blank My father cheated on my mother for almost three years before she divorced him. Tolerance for infidelity is not in my nature. Last week, when I watched now-former New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s wife, […] Continue reading

7. Eating with Emotion

Eating with Emotion Letting go of the foods of my youth By: Kristin Blank We have a tumultuous relationship, food and I. I used to believe food’s purpose was to reward or comfort me. Or, that it should give me something to do while I watched TV or read a book. At 238 pounds, I […] Continue reading