Mary Beth Sammons

36. The Wild Things

Celebri- Scoop The Wild Things Yawn … celebrities having temper tantrums, so like what’s new? -Mary Beth Sammons So here’s something new from the world of celeb – dumb. Lindsay Lohan recently made headlines – again – for attacking a photographer over the weekend as she ran into the Beverly Hotel in New York City. […] Continue reading

37. Cute for the Cause

Currently Coveting Cute for the Cause Bad-to-the-bone bangles for a good cause -Mary Beth Sammons Want to get your message across for a good cause and in a stylish way? Well, now you can, thanks to jewelry designer Jessica Kagan Cushman. Her funky fossilized-ivory bracelets with witty sayings are the rage of the Hollywood crowd […] Continue reading

38. Take the Plunge

Body and Mind Take the Plunge Unleash your inner athlete and learn how to swim -Mary Beth Sammons If you’ve been wondering what’s the best way to get in shape, just take one look at Dara Torres and her perfect six-pack. It’s enough to make you – and me – go running to the nearest […] Continue reading

39. The Blame Game

Woman to Women The Blame Game It’s a mistake to throw stones at Elizabeth Edwards -Mary Beth Sammons When it comes to married men cheating on their wives, I personally have absolutely no sympathy and for reasons of pride alone, am the first to say: “Done.” “Out of here,” “Que sera, sera,” or in the […] Continue reading

40. Looks Who's Putting on their Dancing Shoes

Seen and Heard Looks Who’s Putting on their Dancing Shoes Eclectic cast announced for Dancing with the Stars -Mary Beth Sammons Phew!!! Now we can all breathe easier, since the “official” lineup for this season’s Dancing With the Stars was revealed on the Good Morning America Show. Talk about being glued to your TV’s during […] Continue reading

41. Buddha Boosters

Recharging Buddha Boosters Fight the end-of-summer slump with a little help from your inner Buddha -Mary Beth Sammons “If only there were an extra week of summer to savor the season,” seems to be the going mantra among my circle of friends. Probably because we think, for some unbeknownst reason, that the longer days will […] Continue reading

42. Beauty Beats the Beast

Scoop Beauty Beats the Beast Christina Applegate takes on breast cancer with class and style -Mary Beth Sammons In a looks-conscious world where plastic surgeons’ numbers are on speed dial, I’d like to offer up a standing ovation to Christina Applegate. I’m applauding the 36-year-old Samantha Who? star who is staring breast cancer in the […] Continue reading

43. Saving Graces

Cool Stuff Saving Graces Step up your inner journey with a piggy bank from Sami Hayek -Mary Beth Sammons Who says college kids get to be the only ones to kick-start their educational journey in the shopping aisles? Yes, posters, hoodies and mini-fridges are everywhere. But hey, let’s consider ourselves students of life. So, what’s […] Continue reading

44. Primal Affairs

Body, Mind, Fitness Primal Affairs So what’s with turning every challenge into an Olympic feat? -Mary Beth Sammons OK. So maybe it’s all the Olympic hype, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about exploring new adventures, about testing my resolve against uncharted terrain and pushing myself past all my physical and emotional limits. And, […] Continue reading

45. Michael Phelps: It Takes a Mom to Raise a Winner

Woman to Women Michael Phelps: It Takes a Mom to Raise a Winner Michael Phelps’ Mom Serves up a Lifetime Breakfast of “You Can Do Its” for a Champion Son -Mary Beth Sammons TV viewers across America may have been jumping up and down with collective cheers this week for Michael Phelps, one of the […] Continue reading

46. Love. Angel. Music. Baby (fashion)

Teeny-Tiny Indulgences Love. Angel. Music. Baby (fashion) A “fatal attraction for cuteness” inspires Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku hip baby clothes -Mary Beth Sammons The princess of cool, singer and designer Gwen Stefani has made her mark with her own midriff-baring creations. Now, this young mom with another baby due this August has launched her second line […] Continue reading

47. Going Solo?

The Tipping List Going Solo? 5 tips for celebrating solitude -Mary Beth Sammons Once upon a time, there was a fairy tale that little girls would grow up, marry the man of their dreams and live happily ever after. Not anymore. The reality is 51 percent of women in this country are now living single, […] Continue reading

48. Hop off the Complain Train

Inspired You Hop off the Complain Train 10 tips for taking the ride of your life -Mary Beth Sammons Have you noticed how easy it is for friends to start complaining these days? Your company just laid off your co-workers. Your job balances on a tightrope. You’re paying mega bucks for gas this summer. And […] Continue reading

49. Do You Have Cahooties?

Cool Stuff Do You Have Cahooties? Channeling your inner fortune teller -Mary Beth Sammons Remember when you were a kid, and you and your best girlfriends embarked on the time-honored ritual of picking a number, folding a paper in a certain way, and then opening and closing it several times, after which it would reveal […] Continue reading

50. Read-Walking, A Novel Trend

Diversions Read-Walking, A Novel Trend 3 tips for getting your good read/walk groove -Mary Beth Sammons The three-mile loop around the forest near my suburban Chicago home where I stroll each evening with my ever-exploring new puppy gives me time to catch up on my reading. On foot. The other day, a cyclist careened around […] Continue reading