Mayra David

2. Married Girls who Like Boys who Like Girls

In her Words Married Girls who Like Boys who Like Girls Marriage muddles friendships with men -Mayra David A guy friend, they say, is a boyfriend under glass: Break the glass in case of emergency. Is that always true? And if it is, once we get married, does it follow that we can or should […] Continue reading

3. The Sole Man

In her Words The Sole Man My husband works in office full of women -Mayra David My hubby loves his work: He’s doing exactly what he trained for, the pay is great, and he works in an office full of vibrant, energetic, young people just like him. Just like him in all respects except one: […] Continue reading

4. Birds of a Fashion Feather

Seen and Heard Birds of a Fashion Feather The couple who shops together stays together -Mayra David Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.– William Turner, The Rescuing of Romish Fox, 1545 Anyone who thinks Urban Outfitters sells clothes has apparently never been to one of the stores. And nobody actually […] Continue reading

6. A Couple That Fights Together, Survives Together

The Tipping List A Couple That Fights Together, Survives Together Tips to pick a fight -Mayra David If you’re married and sometimes fight with your spouse, then you’ve heard these before: Fight fair. Be constructive, not hurtful. Yelling is okay, name-calling is not, etc. I’m not telling you how to fight with each other. But […] Continue reading

7. Faux Politics, Faux Pas

In Her Words Faux Politics, Faux Pas Mindless “counterculture” attire must die! -Mayra David Last summer, Cameron Diaz managed to offend the entire nation of Peru by committing a fashion faux pas on her visit. “Cute” as it was, the canvas bag with the Chairman Mao inspired red star and motto “serve the people” was […] Continue reading

8. Heidi is NOT Bringing Sexy Back

In Her Words Heidi is NOT Bringing Sexy Back Milkmaid braids must die! -Mayra David Look, I like braids as much as the next gal – though they can look like thick rat tails when worn by females over the age of seven. But now that they’re “back”, do they really have to come back […] Continue reading

9. How Women Were Hired in 1943

Seen and Heard How Women Were Hired in 1943 Were pre-war HR policies totally sexist or spot-on? -Mayra David I recently received an e-mail forward containing the 1943 Guide to Hiring Women. Upon reading it, I immediately thought, This is ridiculous! How archaic! I deemed it unworthy of further attention. But when I took a […] Continue reading

10. The Anti-Breadwinner

In her Words The Anti-Breadwinner Why do we frown upon women who choose babies over the boardroom? By: Mayra David It’s not like we don’t know women can do anything they set their mind to. It may have been a well-kept secret in the past, but the jig is pretty much up by now. Recently, […] Continue reading

11. You'll Just Know

In Her Words You’ll Just Know How to tell if he’s the one for keeps By: Mayra David Everyone told me I Would Just Know. I waited and waited, but the moment never came. I did meet The One, but I certainly didn’t Just Know within the first 30 minutes of meeting him – or […] Continue reading

12. She Earns the Bread – and Makes the Sandwiches

In Her Words She Earns the Bread – and Makes the Sandwiches How one mother balanced gender roles in a nontraditional household By: Mayra David Until a few years ago, my mother was the primary breadwinner in our family. Her work relocated us a few times, and while this afforded us many opportunities we otherwise […] Continue reading

13. Did He Have You at Hello?

In the News Did He Have You at Hello? What science says about love at first sight By: Mayra David “So – do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by you one more time?” That eye-rolling pickup line hall-of-famer may sound like a joke, but if somebody offered […] Continue reading

14. Back to School – for a Second Round

My Favorite Saying Back to School – for a Second Round Return to the classroom and enjoy priceless returns By: Mayra David “The moment a person stops learning, they start to grow old.” – Unknown I was once stuck in a career I didn’t like. Without much sense of what I might like to pursue, […] Continue reading

15. The One, but Maybe Not the Only

In Her Words The One, but Maybe Not the Only Lightning can strike and mean nothing By: Mayra David A few years ago, my best friend and I went on a weekend road trip from New York to Montreal. There, beneath the northern stars, at an open-air screening of some film about love and miracles, […] Continue reading

16. Jumping off the Ladder

In Her Words Jumping off the Ladder A decision that was a long time coming brings long-term satisfaction By: Mayra David The plan after college was to get a job while working creatively on the side. I wanted to write and do theater, but I needed a day job to pay off my student loans […] Continue reading

17. Pay Your Dues and Use the Membership

In Her Words Pay Your Dues and Use the Membership Everyone starts on the bottom rung By: Mayra David “Paying your dues” – the tried and true rite of passage of the working world. I knew I had to pay them. But I also knew I wanted to work in a creative field that often […] Continue reading

18. The Rules Have Changed

Hot Topics The Rules Have Changed What do we expect of men in a new world? By: Mayra David A couple years ago, I was at a party and overheard two women talking about their sons. “I think he’s lost,” one woman said. “I don’t think he knows how to be a man in this […] Continue reading

19. Woman as Breadwinner

Woman to Women Woman as Breadwinner Are we ready to be Princess Charming? By: Mayra David According to a 2005 Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, roughly one-third of married women earn more than their husbands do. This is a big leap toward the day when women earn salaries equal to those of men and can […] Continue reading

20. My Parents and the Married Me

In Her Words My Parents and the Married Me How our relationship has changed since I said “I do” By: Mayra David My parents have always practiced very hands-on parenting. Even their moving across the country didn’t stop the discussions about the importance of getting renter’s insurance – or buying instead of renting, come to […] Continue reading

21. Turning Into My Mother

In Her Words Turning Into My Mother Five things I do now that I never thought I would By: Mayra David I believe they call it “nesting.” But naming this phenomena doesn’t make it any less astonishing that I seem to be turning into the woman I admire most, but never thought I wanted to […] Continue reading

22. My Short, Cheap, Secret Wedding

The Tipping List My Short, Cheap, Secret Wedding Tips for no-frills nuptials By: Mayra David My husband and I got married in Vegas, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. We wanted the marriage, but not necessarily a wedding. For those who are planning the wedding to end all weddings: Godspeed. For the […] Continue reading