32. Save Me from the First Signs of Aging!

Beauty Queen Save Me from the First Signs of Aging! Dear Beauty Queen: It seems like just about every magazine has a list of skincare products that we “really” need to use. I am a blond with light skin, in my early 30s and definitely showing it – I have a sunspot (bleh!) and uneven […] Continue reading

33. Skincare 101

The Tipping List Skincare 101 Follow these basic steps for healthy, beautiful skin -Paige Herman-Axel Perusing the beauty counters at your local department or drug store can be very overwhelming, and leave you begging for help. Fret not: skin care can be simple, and as easy as one, two, three. Step One: Cleanse. Washing your […] Continue reading

34. Age Intervention

Woman to Women Age Intervention Finding a message of hope in a jar By: Mary Beth Sammons First thing in the morning, I wake up and reach for my daily dose of hope. It’s not the book of daily affirmations on my nightstand, or the promise of a great meeting on my Outlook. Nope, it’s […] Continue reading