Molly Ringwald

6. Secret Lives of Teens

Seen and Heard Secret Lives of Teens Cautionary tales from the high school frontlines -Mary Beth Sammons In an era when we all know teens are having sex, and Jamie Lynn Spears tries to make her naked belly look cute and coy, you’ve got to applaud ABC Family channel’s attempt to show the not-so-fun side […] Continue reading

7. Bring Back Sixteen Candles

In the News Bring Back Sixteen Candles Molly’s up for it, are you? -Julie Ryan Evans I’ve seen Sixteen Candles about 16,000 times. I LOVED that movie and had nearly memorized every line at one point. A few lines to trip your memory: Long Duk Dong: What’s a happenin’ hot stuff?Brenda Baker: Can you remember […] Continue reading