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12. Is the New York Times' LinkedIn Enough?

She Reports Is the New York Times’ LinkedIn Enough?’s deal with the professional networking site should allow members to choose their own news -Megan McDonnell After all these years, the verdict could be in. Is it who you know or what you know that really propels your career? It seems that LinkedIn, the online […] Continue reading

13. Camping Out at the Airport

She Reports Camping Out at the Airport A gal-friendly gadget offers some rest for the weary business traveler -Suzanne Robitaille It finally happened. Travelers have started to realize that being stuck at an airport for several hours – or even overnight – isn’t something to take lightly. First off, you’re often stuck without food or […] Continue reading

14. Father Knows Best

In the News Father Knows Best MoDo gets the goods on whom NOT to marry from, yes, a priest -Nicole Christie OK, this is refreshing. In a society that perennially preaches to women about what to look for in a man – that same-old, same-old good job, good brain, good looks, good personality – New […] Continue reading