Nicole Christie

2. WOW! Erica Maslow

Woman of the Week Erica Maslow Helping people feel more confident about how they look -Nicole Christie They’re not just for celebs anymore – personal stylists, that is. Not with Erica Maslow on the prowl, offering up her fashion experience and expertise to the masses of NYC and L.A. From her all-American Midwestern beginnings at […] Continue reading

3. Get Pampered and Be Prosperous!

Betty on the Scene Get Pampered and Be Prosperous! Savvy Ladies helps women touch up on finances and other aspects of their well-being -Nicole Christie On June 23, around 100 women gathered at the Aveda Institute in New York City to spend an evening investing in a very precious commodity – themselves. The fourth annual […] Continue reading

4. Father Knows Best

In the News Father Knows Best MoDo gets the goods on whom NOT to marry from, yes, a priest -Nicole Christie OK, this is refreshing. In a society that perennially preaches to women about what to look for in a man – that same-old, same-old good job, good brain, good looks, good personality – New […] Continue reading

5. WOW! The Hilarious Carrie Seim

Woman of the Week The Hilarious Carrie Seim “Thanking her way to the upper middle” -Nicole Christie Who would believe a crop of tomato seeds would someday sprout a respectable comedy career? Probably no one – until they met Carrie Seim. The native Nebraskan self-described “science nerd” turned Chicago grad student turned L.A. comedy fixture […] Continue reading

6. Wise Anne Wises Up

In the News Wise Anne Wises Up But why was such a smarty dating a schmuck? -Nicole Christie So Anne Hathaway finally “Got Smart” and dumped her loser BF, Raffaello Follieri, after four years together and apparently shacking up at his NYC pad. It sure did take a lot of drama for her to get […] Continue reading

7. This is No Ordinary Business Card

Objects of Desire This is No Ordinary Business Card Chic options aplenty when you want to make a truly personal impression -Nicole Christie Move over, Kinko’s. There’s something chicer that gives a whole new meaning to “Here’s my card.” Whether you’re trolling a business cocktail party for the day gig or an evening soiree intending […] Continue reading

8. Goodbye, Ugly Office Supplies

Objects of Desire Goodbye, Ugly Office Supplies These stylish numbers will perk up your desk and make Staples drool -Nicole Christie Am I the only one whose gag reflex is triggered by the site of cream-colored manila folders? I know most people experience this at the sight of stuff like mayonnaise, seafood, or dairy products […] Continue reading

9. 10 Reasons Gen Xers are Unhappy at Work

In the News 10 Reasons Gen Xers are Unhappy at Work “Slackers” face challenges at the threshold of corporate upper management -Nicole Christie When I – a bona fide Gen X’er, at the heart of my generation – first set foot in the “real” working world in 1995, I immediately started to plot my escape. […] Continue reading

10. The Extremely Convenient Truth

In the News The Extremely Convenient Truth A shorter workweek would save stress AND the planet -Nicole Christie I am a HUGE fan of technology, having worked the bulk of my career in high-tech and having spent half my life dating/married to an engineer and uber-geek who builds his own robots. Nonetheless, I’m incredibly irritated […] Continue reading

11. Jen Aniston's Dating Woes

In the News Jen Aniston’s Dating Woes Why can’t the Good Girl find a Good Guy? -Nicole Christie I love Jennifer Aniston. I love her tousled hair, her comic timing, her entire wardrobe (she’s my fashion maven). I love that she loves yoga and I love yoga and that we both have a penchant for […] Continue reading

12. Are You in the Best City for Your Job?

In the News Are You in the Best City for Your Job? Houston and Dallas top the list, New York and San Francisco fall to the bottom -Nicole Christie With diamonds, it’s the 4 C’s – with your job, it’s the 3 C’s: cash, comfort, and cost of living. While many people look to move […] Continue reading

13. Who Gets the Tab?

In the News Who Gets the Tab? Women are earning more, have more education – should they pay for dates too? -Nicole Christie Anything warranting a Seinfeld episode is enough of a cultural phenomenon to generate buzz. (Of course, some Seinfeld episodes in and of themselves sparked cultural trends.) When George and Susan were dating, […] Continue reading

14. Febreze for Your Mouth

Seen and Heard Febreze for Your Mouth SorbayPC Lozenge cleans the palate, but doesn’t quite freshen -Nicole Christie I recently sampled the new SorbayPC Lozenge – a sugar-free hard candy embodying “patented breakthrough palate cleansing technology” to remove food flavors and leave you “smelling sweet.” (Just like the pear sorbet – get the connection? – […] Continue reading

15. A Man Like Dad

In her Words A Man Like Dad Where are the men with integrity? -Nicole Christie When I was 10, I had a shirt that read “My Heart Belongs to Daddy.” As an only child, I was my dad’s little buddy – spending more father-daughter time with him than most girls I knew. He worked all […] Continue reading

16. You Can't Pull Nothin' Outta Thin Air

In the News You Can’t Pull Nothin’ Outta Thin Air Why brainstorming is best done inside the box -Nicole Christie I lead a double life – by day, I’m a freelance writer, editor, and corporate communication consultant (say that three times fast); by night, I work the stage in improvisational comedy. To my surprise, a […] Continue reading

17. Live from the Pole

Seen and Heard Live from the Pole An hour in the life of a stripper -Nicole Christie It’s official – one of the Bettys has succumbed to The Pole. That’s right, contributing writer Carrie Seim recently decided to see what all the Pussycat Doll rage is about by taking a pole dancing class in L.A. […] Continue reading

18. 10 Signs of an Emotional Affair

In the News 10 Signs of an Emotional Affair When “Just Friends” Doesn’t Fly -Nicole Christie Maybe you’ve dabbled in a more-than-flirtation with your cute next-door neighbor. Or perhaps your BF swears he’s “just friends” with an ex, a co-worker, whoever – and you don’t quite believe him. Either way, red flags abound – you […] Continue reading

19. 100 Years of Career Advice

In the News 100 Years of Career Advice Wisdom that’s stood the test of time will help you not hate your job -Nicole Christie It’s “Pomp and Circumstance” time, which leaves plenty of grads asking, “What’s next?” When I last donned cap and gown (14 years ago – UGH!), I turned to What Color is […] Continue reading

20. How to Turn on a Man

In the News How to Turn on a Man Ashton Kutcher dishes on what’s hot by telling us what’s not By: Nicole Christie Ashton Kutcher is endlessly awesome* for so many reasons – confident enough to fall for (and marry!) a (much) older woman, secure enough to hang with her ex (Bruce Willis, no less), […] Continue reading

21. WOW! Mazz Swift-Camlet

Woman of the Week Mazz Swift-Camlet Living her childhood dream -Nicole Christie Mazz Swift-Camlet might be one of the few women in the world actually succeeding in the career she imagined for herself at the age of 10. Born and raised in Queens, she started playing violin at 6 and honed her craft at New […] Continue reading

23. Your Napkin: Not Just for Chin Dabbing Anymore

In the News Your Napkin: Not Just for Chin Dabbing Anymore Companies return to diner-style brainstorming By: Nicole Christie I have always hated flow charts, spreadsheets, and multiple-page manifestos declaring a company’s “corporate direction” or “mission statement” or “next generation” plan to do whatever it is that will supposedly streamline processes, enhance profits, and engage […] Continue reading

24. Sit! Stay! Speak! … Uh, Sir

In the News Sit! Stay! Speak! … Uh, Sir Using animal training techniques to tame your boss By: Nicole Christie Writer Amy Sutherland created quite a stir with her New York Times Modern Love essay, What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage – in fact, it was the most e-mailed NYT online story of […] Continue reading

25. Poopourri: Now I've Seen It All

Objects of Desire Poopourri: Now I’ve Seen It All “Pre-spritzer” covers odors before they occur By: Nicole Christie We all remember when Carrie did a #2 at Big’s and was so mortified/proud she felt the need to discuss it with the gals over Cosmos. Personally, I’m a big fan of “everything on the table” in […] Continue reading