Online dating

65. He's Looking for Women Online

ASK REAL GUYS He’s Looking for Women Online Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have been dating a man for five years who is the father of my child. We already picked out a house, and he makes it sound like we will be together for years to come. Recently I found out that he has […] Continue reading

66. Communication Trouble

ASK REAL GUYS Communication Trouble Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I met a very nice man online, and we communicated for about six weeks before meeting for coffee. We ended up chatting for well over two hours, and at the end of the evening he suggested that we get together again. I said that I would […] Continue reading

67. Is He Still Interested?

ASK REAL GUYS Is He Still Interested? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I met this guy online, and we talked back and forth for over a week. I gave him my phone number, and when he called he asked if I wanted to go out this weekend, and I said yes. He said he would call […] Continue reading

68. Online Dating Dilemma

ASK REAL GUYS Online Dating Dilemma Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I recently joined an online dating service, and I’ve spoken with two gentlemen over the phone. There is one that I am interested in very much, and our first conversation was wonderful, we even made tentative plans to get together in the near future. My […] Continue reading

69. You've Got Him Nailed

What Would Debbie Do? You’ve Got Him Nailed Dear Debbie, I met a man named Michael about 4 months ago. We have finally decided that we want to meet each other. I will be going through the town where he lives on the way to my vacation spot in Missouri. We have been talking extensively […] Continue reading

70. Ménage a Tech

Woman to Women Ménage a Tech Put the tech tools in sleep mode so the romance doesn’t crash -Marilyn Anderson Dating used to be so simple and straightforward. And, yes, romantic! You’d be at a party and spot someone across the room. Your eyes would meet. You’d glide toward each other, exchange repartee and, after […] Continue reading

71. How can I tell if men are lying in online dating?

ASK REAL GUYS How can I tell if men are lying in online dating? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I recently tried online dating. But, in this forum, how can I distinguish between a liar and someone who’s being honest? I’m attractive and have a nice personality. But it seems that when I reply honestly to […] Continue reading

72. Do you Give Good E-mail?

The Tipping List Do you Give Good E-mail? 4 tips to make sure you have him at LOL -Gina Anderson Long gone are the days of polite, face-to-face chitchat. Today’s dating madness is all about “e” – e-courting, e-maintenance and even the occasional e-Dear John. Your e-mail says a lot about you when it comes […] Continue reading

73. No-Drink Minimum

Woman to Women No-Drink Minimum Skip the sips and focus on getting to know your date -Cheryl M. Wenzel-Nelson, M.A. In this day of spiked drinks and date rape, a woman can’t be too careful on her first date. An innocent drink with a stranger, whether it’s wine or a cocktail, can easily take on […] Continue reading

74. Crazy Blind Date

On the Scene Crazy Blind Date Now blind dating is online? Our own Carrie Seim gives it a whirl! -Carrie Seim Do women have an obligation to shave their legs? Should it be illegal to burn the flag? Do you know what sperm tastes like? Thus begins the OMFG personality quiz on the new site […] Continue reading