8. Whole Foods Hookup

Love + Sex Whole Foods Hookup Of all the organic-salad-bar joints in all the towns, in all the world – he walked into mine -Carrie Seim As you may recall, last week I wrote about my date with a doctor, who canceled at the last minute. The follow-up to that story is that we had […] Continue reading

9. We've Got Your Bag!

Go Eco! We’ve Got Your Bag! Eco-bags for on-the-go -Stephanie Elliot Want to get enviro-friendly and look stylish too? Tote around one of these eco-conscious sacks when you’re shopping for groceries, grabbing books at the library, or just going out on the town with your friends. These bags are so cute, you’ll no doubt get […] Continue reading

10. Have a Good Hair Day

Eco Chic Have a Good Hair Day The latest line of salon-borne products has a conscience -Paige Herman-Axel As anyone who’s tried organic hair care products knows, those Earth- and body-friendly benefits can come at a cost, like less suds and sometimes a less than silky-soft feel after washing. I’ve long been on the hunt […] Continue reading