plastic surgery

12. Safer plastic surgery

In the News Safer plastic surgery A recent California ruling is yet another way to save lives -Paige Herman-Axel Complications from plastic surgery are rare – as long as you go to a properly trained and credentialed surgeon – but the media gets worked up into a frenzy when someone in the public eye has […] Continue reading

13. Mirror, Mirror

Woman to Women Mirror, Mirror Embracing the “you” of today -Jill Coury Doctor 90210 advertises botox injections, breast augmentations and vaginal rejuvenation. The finished product, a better, more successful version intended to mirror a younger, happier version of yourself. These are the images that bombard us each day. Normally confident, I found myself more susceptible […] Continue reading

14. Reality Parenting: My Beautiful Mommy

In Her Words Reality Parenting: My Beautiful Mommy Guess who’s bonding in the plastic surgeon’s office? By: Mary Beth Sammons Guess we should have seen it coming. There’s no question we live in an increasingly complex world that challenges us every day with a wide range of disturbing issues that are difficult for children to […] Continue reading

15. Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Procedures restore body to natural pre-pregnancy state By: Dr. Eric Chang As parents, we sacrifice greatly for our children. These sacrifices may come in the form of lack of sleep, time spent with them or investments in their growth and education. No sacrifice, however, comes near the level of the toll that a […] Continue reading