47. Afraid to Tell My Husband!

Just Another Manic Mommy Afraid to Tell My Husband! Dear Manic Mommy: I just found out that I am pregnant and am having a hard time trying to think of a way to tell my husband. We weren’t planning on becoming pregnant so soon and I am not sure how ready we are to be […] Continue reading

48. Pumping the Iron While Pregnant

Just Another Manic Mommy Pumping the Iron While Pregnant Dear Manic Mommy: Hello there. I am in the third trimester of my first pregnancy and my doctor’s office just called and informed me that there was a prescription to be picked up at my local pharmacy due to my low iron levels. And that was […] Continue reading

49. I Want a Dog!

Just Another Manic Mommy I Want a Dog! Dear Manic Mommy: How can I get my parents to buy me a dog? I know the reason they won’t get me one, because my mom said I don’t keep my room clean. I wrote my mom and dad a letter saying that if I keep my […] Continue reading

50. She's Not Talking about the Baby Bottle

Just Another Manic Mommy She’s Not Talking about the Baby Bottle Dear Manic Mommy: Is drinking wine OK, and how much a week? I’m 13 weeks pregnant, and due in February. Manic Mommy: Drinking wine or anything alcoholic is never OK while pregnant, and if you are asking if you can, and how much you […] Continue reading