11. He Talks About Other Women

ASK REAL GUYS He Talks About Other Women Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I originally met my boyfriend Stephen on Craigslist and we recently celebrated our 21-month anniversary. Unfortunately he is a bit of a ladies’ man, very charming and super handsome. He makes no bones about the fact that he has always adored and appreciated […] Continue reading

12. Looks Who's Putting on their Dancing Shoes

Seen and Heard Looks Who’s Putting on their Dancing Shoes Eclectic cast announced for Dancing with the Stars -Mary Beth Sammons Phew!!! Now we can all breathe easier, since the “official” lineup for this season’s Dancing With the Stars was revealed on the Good Morning America Show. Talk about being glued to your TV’s during […] Continue reading

13. My son got his girlfriend pregnant

Just Another Manic Mommy My son got his girlfriend pregnant Dear Manic Mommy: My teenage son recently got his girlfriend pregnant. They were very upfront with telling us about it, but of course my husband and I can’t help but be angry and upset with them both for letting this happen. We have had many […] Continue reading

14. Beauty Beats the Beast

Scoop Beauty Beats the Beast Christina Applegate takes on breast cancer with class and style -Mary Beth Sammons In a looks-conscious world where plastic surgeons’ numbers are on speed dial, I’d like to offer up a standing ovation to Christina Applegate. I’m applauding the 36-year-old Samantha Who? star who is staring breast cancer in the […] Continue reading

15. Primal Affairs

Body, Mind, Fitness Primal Affairs So what’s with turning every challenge into an Olympic feat? -Mary Beth Sammons OK. So maybe it’s all the Olympic hype, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about exploring new adventures, about testing my resolve against uncharted terrain and pushing myself past all my physical and emotional limits. And, […] Continue reading

16. What Counts

Woman to Women What Counts Forget the gender-gap stereotypes – math is a woman’s best-kept secret -Stephanie Feuer “Girls = Boys in Math.” “Girls Measure Up in Math.” The headlines were clever and upbeat. Based on test scores of 7 million students, a study published in a recent issue of the journal Science concluded that […] Continue reading

17. Mantyhose and Other Oddities for the Modern Man

A Man’s Eye View Mantyhose and Other Oddities for the Modern Man Girly man or innovative trailblazer? -Joseph Federico Throughout history, there’s always been that fine line between what’s acceptable for men to wear and not wear; take for instance Louis XIV in France, who wore exuberant wigs and perdy, shiny slippers. How about the […] Continue reading

18. Sarah Jessica Parker: Do You Want More?

Seen and Heard Sarah Jessica Parker: Do You Want More? Love her, but I just can’t get excited for Bravo’s show -Julie Ryan Evans When I heard Sarah Jessica Parker will have a new reality show on Bravo this fall, I was psyched. It’s a trifecta of viewing virtues-the fabulous SJP, reality television and the […] Continue reading

19. Feats After 40

Seen and Heard Feats After 40 Dara gets her groove: This 41-year-old mom dives into the pool to prove 40-something women rock -Mary Beth Sammons Talk about getting back into the groove at midlife. Dara Torres won her first nine Olympic medals in the 1980s, when today’s mega-hotshots – such as Olympian Michael Phelps – […] Continue reading

20. The Great Escape bag

Mind and Body The Great Escape bag Everything-fits-for-the-gym bags -Mary Beth Sammons Banish the going-to-the-gym blues with the chic Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag ($60), which has pockets inside and out for necessities such as your makeup, MP3 player and an adjustable strap for your yoga mat. Made from 100 percent recycled materials, this lime […] Continue reading

21. Call me an SAHM

Woman to Women Call me an SAHM Giving credibility to her choice to be a stay-at-home-mom -Jill Coury SAHM (stay-at-home mom) – this is new to me. There have been so many articles and books written on the whether or not a woman should stay home to raise her children or pursue a career. As […] Continue reading

22. Necessary Indulgences

The Tipping List Necessary Indulgences Part 2 Taking care of you By: Margaret Jaworski Before you can take care of anyone else, it’s important to take care of yourself. Here are more tips on how to chill out and feel good, and at the same time indulge yourself in a few simple pleasures: 1. Massage […] Continue reading

23. Too Friendly for Comfort

In Her Words Too Friendly for Comfort How to deal with “that guy” By: Krista-Alana Travis As I’m throwing crumpled papers of scribbled phone numbers and strangers named Karen and Heather at him, he manages to summon up an excuse: “I just want to be their friend!” This statement angers me more. What man wants […] Continue reading