reality television

12. Wanna Swap?

In The News Wanna Swap? ABC’s hit reality show, Wife Swap, casting for its fifth season! -Stephanie Elliot Tired of your same old, boring and unappreciated life? Do your children often say, “I want to go live at Jimmy’s house!” or “Kathy’s mom doesn’t make her eat green stuff!”? Do you stand in your kitchen, […] Continue reading

13. Reality Shows for Parents

Mom to Mom Reality Shows for Parents Could you survive this? -Kristen J. Gough Think you’ve seen ’em all? Check out this list of made-up reality shows that’ll have even the best of moms cringing! Survivor: SupermarketContestants are taken to an exotic location – a gourmet supermarket – and given a list of items to […] Continue reading

14. Are you Ready for Project Runway, Round 5?

In the News Are you Ready for Project Runway, Round 5? Season Premiere Tonight -Julie Ryan Evans Are you as excited for Project Runway 5 as I am? It starts tonight! As a reality-television connoisseur, I can easily say PR is one of the best shows out there-one I’m not even embarrassed to admit liking. […] Continue reading