15. For a Better Run, Chug Carbs First

Fit Tip For a Better Run, Chug Carbs First Study says drinking carbs before a run can help you go faster and longer -Julie Ryan Evans Carbs often get a bad rap, but a recent study shows they can be very beneficial to runners if they’re consumed about 15 minutes prior to a run. Research […] Continue reading

16. See YOU Run

The Tipping List See YOU Run How to start running -Julie Ryan Evans Do you ever drive by runners and feel a pang of jealousy, wishing you could be out there burning all those calories and sailing on a runner’s high? Do you also make statements like, “I’m just not a runner”? Well, chances are […] Continue reading

17. Running with Sizzle

Pause Time Running with Sizzle Jumping on the treadmill to tranquility -Jill Coury I am not sure what comes to mind when you hear the word treadmill, but for me it conjures up painful memories of returning home from freshman year of college. Let’s just say I was struggling academically, but I had blossomed socially […] Continue reading