s rights

9. Just Grow Up!

Woman to Women Just Grow Up! Are you a woman or a “little girl?” By: Cheryl M. Wenzel-Nelson, M.A. On a recent episode of Desperate Housewives, a pregnant Susan dons a sexy nightie, trying to seduce her husband. He rolls over, saying he’s not in the mood. Instead of responding “That’s okay, another night,” Susan […] Continue reading

10. WOW! Gloria Allred

Woman of the Week Gloria Allred Continuing the fight for women’s rights -Julie Ryan Evans Gloria Allred isn’t one to shy away from the limelight or avoid the tough issues. From representing Paula Jones in her sexual harassment case against Bill Clinton to suing Kmart for having separate sections for boys’ and girls’ toys and […] Continue reading

11. Saudi Woman Defies Drive Ban

Saudi Woman Defies Drive Ban YouTube video posted in hopes of lifting driving ban By: Daniel Howden A Saudi woman has flouted the Kingdom’s ban on women driving and posted a video of her defiant act on YouTube to mark international women’s day. Wajiha Huwaidar, an activist in a campaign to allow women to get […] Continue reading