6. Tween Bikini Wax

L.A. Confidential Tween Bikini Wax Preteen girls are worried about waxing -Carrie Seim It’s a disgusting hate-your-body role reversal. Women who wax it all off in an attempt to look like prepubescent girls are now being emulated by those very same children. According to a recent Today show piece, more and more mothers are taking […] Continue reading

8. Who Has Time To Date?

Kissing Frogs Who Has Time To Date? I’m too busy to see a doctor, let alone search for true love -Carrie Seim I seriously have no time to date. Between work, friends, family, exercise, volunteering, Spanish class, attempts at evolving into a better human being and flossing – when exactly am I supposed to meet […] Continue reading

9. Ode To The Speedo

Love+Sex Ode To The Speedo The real reason I watch the Olympics -Carrie Seim Every four years, the world gathers in celebration of the strongest, fastest, most graceful athletes on the planet. And every four years, I gather in celebration of the tightest, fullest, most spectacularly endowed Speedos on the planet. I know I’m supposed […] Continue reading