28. WOW! Tips from the Budget Fashionista

Woman of the Week Tips from the Budget Fashionista Frugal’s the new black! -Julie Ryan Evans Kathryn Finney is fashion. Being the founder of The Budget Fashionista, which just celebrated its fifth anniversary on September 8 during New York Fashion Week, she has a lot of tips for the savvy saver out there and you […] Continue reading

29. We've Got Your Bag!

Go Eco! We’ve Got Your Bag! Eco-bags for on-the-go -Stephanie Elliot Want to get enviro-friendly and look stylish too? Tote around one of these eco-conscious sacks when you’re shopping for groceries, grabbing books at the library, or just going out on the town with your friends. These bags are so cute, you’ll no doubt get […] Continue reading

30. Do You Have Cahooties?

Cool Stuff Do You Have Cahooties? Channeling your inner fortune teller -Mary Beth Sammons Remember when you were a kid, and you and your best girlfriends embarked on the time-honored ritual of picking a number, folding a paper in a certain way, and then opening and closing it several times, after which it would reveal […] Continue reading

31. Thrift store finds

Bargain Hunting Thrift store finds One’s trash is another’s treasure -Jill Jordan I found a jewel tone blue top by Diane von Furstenberg today for $2.99! This is just one of my many amazing thrift store finds. The other day, Goodwill was selling all shoes and clothes for $2, and I got four pairs of […] Continue reading

32. He Spends, she Spends

In Her Words He Spends, she Spends How honest are you about your shopping habits? By: Julie Ryan Evans I know a woman who keeps a red pen in her car. After she goes shopping, she adjusts the price of her purchases in her car. Her husband thinks she’s a great bargain shopper and has […] Continue reading

33. Brides Beware

Woman to Women Brides Beware The size of your wedding dress may shock you By: Kristin Blank I used to wear a tight size 20. Now, I go to the local mall and come out with a comfortable size 8. Nice and average, I figured. Then, I went for my wedding-gown fitting. I told the […] Continue reading

34. Why can be Healthy

The Tipping List Why Shopping can be Healthy Reasons to justify the splurge By: Emily Freisher Whichever therapist originally prescribed shopping as a form of therapy knew what she was talking about. (Don’t try and debate the pronoun-you know it was a woman.) But why does shopping receive such a bad rap? Why are we […] Continue reading