spring cleaning

6. Spring-Clean the Closet

The Tipping List Spring-Clean the Closet Five great reasons to get rid of or give away old clothes By: Jessica M. Love Springtime is upon us. Everything is new … new blossoms on the trees, new scents in the air, new clothes … oh, yes, new clothes! Isn’t it lovely to be a woman? Nothing […] Continue reading

7. Romance in Bloom

The Tipping List Romance in Bloom How to spring clean your love life By: Reed Walton Flowers are pushing up, days are getting longer and warmer…spring has arrived! But unless your romance is new as a spring chicken, your love life may have trouble struggling out of the snows. Cold weather fires up the urge […] Continue reading

8. Spring Clean Your Life

Woman to Women Spring Clean Your Life Learning to let go By: Cheryl M. Wenzel-Nelson Just as a house needs to be relieved of old clutter to let the fresh air in, I have found that our lives also need a spring cleaning to help us let go of patterns that are no longer working […] Continue reading