23. 10 Ways to Stress Less Through Food and Drink

The Tipping List 10 Ways to Stress Less Through Food and Drink Natural tips to enjoy a lower stress life –Meredith Sobel Let’s face it, we all experience stress sometimes. But did you know there are solutions to manage your stress as close as your kitchen, organic grocery store and farmer’s market? Certain foods can […] Continue reading

24. Justifying my Java

In the News Justifying my Java Study says coffee may prevent breast cancer By: Julie Ryan Evans Way too often the morning news makes me feel guilty about some aspect of my life-I’m using plastic, not recycling enough, scarring my child with inadequate parenting psychology, not exercising enough, not saving enough money for retirement, stressing […] Continue reading

25. Necessary Indulgences

My Favorite Saying Necessary Indulgences Taking care of you By: Margaret Jaworski “Take care of you.” –Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman This snippet of movie dialogue simply states the obvious: When you take care of yourself, you’re better able to take care of everyone else. So listen up, all of you who are constantly worrying about […] Continue reading