5. One-stick Wonder

BeYOUty 411 One-Stick Wonder There’s nothing this space-saving multitasker can’t handle -Paige Herman-Axel If your handbag is anything like mine, it’s probably overrun with products that you just can’t leave home without-like hand cream, lip balm, a hair smoother, a spot treatment for sudden onset pimples, need I go on? These “essentials” continue to pile […] Continue reading

6. Skip the Sunscreen?!!

In the News Skip the Sunscreen?!! Study shows dangers of Vitamin D deficiency -Julie Ryan Evans We’ve been warned, lectured and scared straight past the baby oil to SPFs higher than we can count. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen has been the mantra of health officials everywhere. Until now. Now it seems all that sunblock is also […] Continue reading

7. A multitasking super serum

The Tipping List A multitasking super serum One bottle hydrates the skin while treating blemishes and spots -Paige Herman-Axel Those of us who still suffer from the occasional blemish know that “acne as a teenage right of passage” is total BS. And even more of us are familiar with the freckles or age spots (call […] Continue reading