Suzanne Robitaille

1. Utah's Shrinking Workweek

She Reports Utah’s Shrinking Workweek Will a four-day workweek be a boon or burden for working moms? -Suzanne Robitaille This summer, Utah will become what experts say is the first state to institute a mandatory four-day workweek for most state employees, joining local governments across the nation that are altering schedules to save money, energy […] Continue reading

2. When Membership Has Its Privileges

In Her Words When Membership Has Its Privileges The benefits of joining a group within a social networking site -Suzanne Robitaille These days, joining a social network doesn’t mean much, but joining a group within a social network may carry more value. Groups are a great way to find and establish ties with like-minded people, […] Continue reading

3. John Edwards' Cheating Heart, Crumbling Career

She Reports John Edwards’ Cheating Heart, Crumbling Career His apology couldn’t save his political career -Suzanne Robitaille Last week we found out that Senator John Edwards, who made a solid democratic presidential run this year, cheated on his wife, Elizabeth. The story about Edwards’ illicit affair with Reille Hunter broke last October in the National […] Continue reading

4. Mastering the Art of Control

The Tipping List Mastering the Art of Control If done right, being a control freak can be a great thing for your career -Suzanne Robitaille Have you ever been called a micromanager (otherwise known as a control freak)? As bad as it sounds, being a control freak is complementary to your career and will help […] Continue reading

5. Acing Interviews

She Reports Acing Interviews How to handle techniques designed to throw you off guard -Suzanne Robitaille It’s a trend I’ve been noticing more in the job-hunting scene: The use of interrogation tactics – the kind of questions that throw you off guard and can end up making you look like a blubbering fool, if you’re […] Continue reading

6. More Power for the Pedal

She Reports More Power for the Pedal Reap the benefits of commuting to work by bike -Suzanne Robitaille About 90 percent of people in the United States drive to work, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Subtract those who work from home or live in major metro areas like New York City – where […] Continue reading

7. The Work-Personal Paradigm

  She Reports The Work-Personal Paradigm Stop fretting over the amount of time you spend on personal problems in your home office. Turns out it’s not all your fault. -Suzanne Robitaille U.S. News & World Report’s Money & Business blog recently posed the question: “Is It Harder to Cope with Personal Problems in a Home […] Continue reading

8. A Personal Brand is Your Best Friend

  In her Words A Personal Brand is Your Best Friend Finding ways to stand out from the crowd will bring you respect. Just ask Oprah. -Suzanne Robitaille Do you have a personal brand? Years ago, when I was working at American Express, CEO Kenneth Chenault gave a speech to employees about establishing a personal […] Continue reading

9. Sharing More Than Just a Bed

  She Reports Sharing More Than Just a Bed A quiz that makes you consider the financial risks of moving in together -Suzanne Robitaille I moved in with my boyfriend last week with the gusto of a summer hurricane. We get along fantastically. We share similar interests — antiquing and old furniture, politics, organic wineries […] Continue reading

10. Camping Out at the Airport

She Reports Camping Out at the Airport A gal-friendly gadget offers some rest for the weary business traveler -Suzanne Robitaille It finally happened. Travelers have started to realize that being stuck at an airport for several hours – or even overnight – isn’t something to take lightly. First off, you’re often stuck without food or […] Continue reading

11. Too Sexy for the Office

In Her Words Too Sexy for the Office Her vampy style is sabotaging her career -Suzanne Robitaille I have this friend – let’s call her Matilda – who dresses completely wrong (dare I say, slutty) for her job at a top investment bank in New York City. Matilda is in her mid-30s, is in great […] Continue reading

12. The Male 'Stigma' of Flextime

Just the Facts, Betty The Male ‘Stigma’ of Flextime Why men need to accept their time off -Suzanne Robitaille The good news: Younger, educated women are helping to foster flexible workplaces. The bad news: Younger, educated men aren’t following in their footsteps. Change begins at the top, and companies with more women in top positions […] Continue reading

13. Is Your Headhunter Leading You On?

The Tipping List Is Your Headhunter Leading You On? With the right questions and a bit of knowledge, you can outsmart even the slyest recruiter -Suzanne Robitaille Executive recruiters operate in a fast-paced world. They’re constantly sourcing jobs as well as the candidates to fill them. As a job seeker you’ll often hear the same […] Continue reading

14. Secrets from Women Entrepreneurs

She Reports Secrets from Women Entrepreneurs Four business owners tell how they built successful, tech-savvy businesses -Suzanne Robitaille Women in technology have few role models, but the outlook is getting brighter. Four women who founded successful technology-related companies are blazing a trail in this male-dominated industry. The entrepreneurs – Clarice Kennedy, Cheryl Hoffman, Gretchen Shugart […] Continue reading

15. Prince Charming Has an Heir

Woman to Women Prince Charming Has an Heir Dating a man with children has foibles but there’s hope for a happy ending -Suzanne Robitaille Everyone loves a good fairy-tale romance. We all want the happy ending, but we also know a story isn’t authentic without some twists and turns along the way. Here’s my Mother […] Continue reading

16. A Little Disability Etiquette Goes a Long Way

She Reports A Little Disability Etiquette Goes a Long Way Tips for working alongside colleagues with disabilities -Suzanne Robitaille For most people, a day at the office can be a lackluster, though achievable, task. We show up by car or train, grab some coffee and spend eight hours in our PC-equipped cubicles and on conference […] Continue reading