teen pregnancy

10. My son got his girlfriend pregnant

Just Another Manic Mommy My son got his girlfriend pregnant Dear Manic Mommy: My teenage son recently got his girlfriend pregnant. They were very upfront with telling us about it, but of course my husband and I can’t help but be angry and upset with them both for letting this happen. We have had many […] Continue reading

11. Secret Lives of Teens

Seen and Heard Secret Lives of Teens Cautionary tales from the high school frontlines -Mary Beth Sammons In an era when we all know teens are having sex, and Jamie Lynn Spears tries to make her naked belly look cute and coy, you’ve got to applaud ABC Family channel’s attempt to show the not-so-fun side […] Continue reading

12. Juno Peddles a Bunch of Bunk

Juno Peddles a Bunch of Bunk An inaccurate portrayal of teen pregnancy By: Sue Hutchison Juno, which is up for several Academy Awards this weekend, just might make history as the first Oscar-winning teen fantasy film. Of course, Juno hasn’t been marketed as a teen fantasy flick. But I don’t know what else you call […] Continue reading