39. Romance on the Road

Great Escapes Romance on the Road Where any day is your special day -Marilyn Anderson Ohhhhh, weddings, engagements, anniversaries – they all mean romance! But why limit romance to special occasions? Pick any night and whisk your honey off to an enchanting getaway. And ifyou live in California you’re in luck — just an hour-and-a-half […] Continue reading

40. Why Vacay Dating Is So Sexy

Love+Sex Why Vacay Dating Is So Sexy A change of scene brings out my romance mojo -Carrie Seim There’s something incredibly seductive about being a stranger in a strange land. That new-to-you luster stimulates your senses, making you more aware of your world (and its hot inhabitants). I always feel more alive and attractive when […] Continue reading

41. Camping Out at the Airport

She Reports Camping Out at the Airport A gal-friendly gadget offers some rest for the weary business traveler -Suzanne Robitaille It finally happened. Travelers have started to realize that being stuck at an airport for several hours – or even overnight – isn’t something to take lightly. First off, you’re often stuck without food or […] Continue reading

42. Girlfriend Getaways

The Tipping List Girlfriend Getaways No boys allowed! By: Mary Beth Sammons   From surfing to knitting to marathon boot camps to luxuriating at a spa, no-boys-allowed girlfriend getaways are the hottest new travel trend. Whether you’re married or single, a few days of serious girl-time – without the company of men (as much as […] Continue reading

43. The Couple Who Travels Together

The Tipping List The Couple Who Travels Together Tips for making the most of your vacations By: Jennifer Canzoneri My husband, Mike and I were in Florida recently visiting his grandmother for her 80th birthday. Although we’re aspiring globetrotters – if our bank account would ever cooperate with us – traveling is always somewhat stressful. […] Continue reading

44. Travel Overload

In Her Words Travel Overload No replacement for the high-touch factor By: Stacy Elliott Is it just me, or does it seem like the volume of travel required at most jobs these days makes it nearly impossible to have a two-career family? I had an impressive career prior to having children, but my husband and […] Continue reading