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13. Signs of Cheating

ASK REAL GUYS Signs of Cheating Dear ASK REAL GUYS: How do you know when a man is cheating on you? Avery: There are many ways to know if a man is cheating on you. If he suddenly loses interest with no explanation, or if he can’t accurately account for his whereabouts, or if he […] Continue reading

14. Sneaking a Peek

ASK REAL GUYS Sneaking a Peek Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Why do men always scope out other women when they are already in a relationship with someone whom they claim to love and want to be with? Avery: It is natural for men and women to look at members of the opposite sex, but there […] Continue reading

15. Am I Losing My Affair to Another Woman?

ASK REAL GUYS Am I Losing My Affair to Another Woman? Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have been seeing a man for about a year; it is a relationship that is both emotional and sexual. He is presently living with someone, and I am married. He spends a great deal of time with me, and […] Continue reading