14. Tween Bikini Wax

L.A. Confidential Tween Bikini Wax Preteen girls are worried about waxing -Carrie Seim It’s a disgusting hate-your-body role reversal. Women who wax it all off in an attempt to look like prepubescent girls are now being emulated by those very same children. According to a recent Today show piece, more and more mothers are taking […] Continue reading

15. Outsmarting Ingrown Hairs

Woman to Woman Outsmarting Ingrown Hairs Stop painful, unsightly bumps at the source -Paige Herman-Axel We’re in the home stretch of summer, so there’s no doubt that the last few months of shaving and waxing have resulted in at least one ingrown hair – a hair that curls back on itself and starts growing beneath […] Continue reading

16. Smooth Sailing

The Tipping List Smooth Sailing Summer is in full swing so here’s your guide for keeping stubble in check -Paige Herman-Axel Keeping skin smooth and hair-free is an uphill battle, and until laser hair reduction gets less time consuming (and less expensive!) most of us are slaves to more archaic hair removal methods. Whether you’re […] Continue reading