16. Yes, They Make Your Butt Look Good

Quickie Yes, They Make Your Butt Look Good We’re in love with Lululemon! -Jennifer Bauer Lululemon pants make every woman’s butt look great and they’re nice enough to wear out of the house or gym! I even sometimes pair my gold Hollywould ballet flats with my Lulus and a belted wrap cardigan sweater (Gap has […] Continue reading

17. Making Your Best 30-Second Impression

The Tipping List Making Your Best 30-Second Impression Dress for the job you want – not the job you have -Jodi Hutchison I read somewhere that a first impression is made in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone. Seeing as how I read that about a decade ago, it’s probably down to a nanosecond […] Continue reading

18. Hop off the Complain Train

Inspired You Hop off the Complain Train 10 tips for taking the ride of your life -Mary Beth Sammons Have you noticed how easy it is for friends to start complaining these days? Your company just laid off your co-workers. Your job balances on a tightrope. You’re paying mega bucks for gas this summer. And […] Continue reading

19. Mantyhose and Other Oddities for the Modern Man

A Man’s Eye View Mantyhose and Other Oddities for the Modern Man Girly man or innovative trailblazer? -Joseph Federico Throughout history, there’s always been that fine line between what’s acceptable for men to wear and not wear; take for instance Louis XIV in France, who wore exuberant wigs and perdy, shiny slippers. How about the […] Continue reading

20. SHE-FORCE: Lessons from "Mad Men"

Woman to Women SHE-FORCE: Lessons from Mad Men We’ve come a long way, baby, but what’s in store for 2060? -Holly Mandel If you haven’t seen the series Mad Men on AMC, you should. It’s pretty fantastic and does a great job showing what life was like for women in 1960s New York City. Mad […] Continue reading

21. Get Pampered and Be Prosperous!

Betty on the Scene Get Pampered and Be Prosperous! Savvy Ladies helps women touch up on finances and other aspects of their well-being -Nicole Christie On June 23, around 100 women gathered at the Aveda Institute in New York City to spend an evening investing in a very precious commodity – themselves. The fourth annual […] Continue reading

22. Catty Remarks, Cloaked in Sugar

Woman to Women Catty Remarks, Cloaked in Sugar Avoiding the sting of the jellyfisher -Jennifer Lubell One of the best moments in Helen Fielding’s book Bridget Jones, the Edge of Reason is when our heroine comes face to face with the jellyfisher. “Bridge, how’s it going with Mark? You must be really pleased to get […] Continue reading

23. This Little Piggy Had a Heart Attack

In the News This Little Piggy Had a Heart Attack What do you toenail clippings say about you? –Tracy Morris The next time your doc asks you bare it all in the exam room, don’t be surprised if she starts coming at you with toenail clippers. The Nurses’ Health Study – a long-running research project […] Continue reading

24. Just Grow Up!

Woman to Women Just Grow Up! Are you a woman or a “little girl?” By: Cheryl M. Wenzel-Nelson, M.A. On a recent episode of Desperate Housewives, a pregnant Susan dons a sexy nightie, trying to seduce her husband. He rolls over, saying he’s not in the mood. Instead of responding “That’s okay, another night,” Susan […] Continue reading

25. Swing Fling

Objects of Desire Swing Fling Cover-ups double as cute spring dresses By: April Daniels Hussar These adorable little numbers swing both ways – they’re super cute beach cover-ups and sweet summer dresses. Now that’s multi-tasking! Pictured here: the Fantasy Island Chemise from Anthropologie – a steal at $58! For something a little fancier – we […] Continue reading