21. Please, No Surprises at Work

In Her Words Please, No Surprises at Work Make your boss happy by keeping her updated – and always have a backup plan -Jodi Hutchison SURPRISE! In most social settings, surprises can be fun. I recently celebrated a milestone birthday, and my friends surprised me with a weekend away at an undisclosed location. THAT was […] Continue reading

22. Mastering the Art of Control

The Tipping List Mastering the Art of Control If done right, being a control freak can be a great thing for your career -Suzanne Robitaille Have you ever been called a micromanager (otherwise known as a control freak)? As bad as it sounds, being a control freak is complementary to your career and will help […] Continue reading

23. The Work-Personal Paradigm

  She Reports The Work-Personal Paradigm Stop fretting over the amount of time you spend on personal problems in your home office. Turns out it’s not all your fault. -Suzanne Robitaille U.S. News & World Report’s Money & Business blog recently posed the question: “Is It Harder to Cope with Personal Problems in a Home […] Continue reading

24. From Frying Pan to Fire?

Woman to Women From Frying Pan to Fire? Two steps to help you evaluate whether a job is all it’s cracked up to be -Jodi Hutchison Education, ability, technical skill, aptitude and mastery – you’ll find these outlined in various degrees of painstaking detail in any rote job description. You yourself may even be “able […] Continue reading

25. Help, Work is Taking Over My Personal Life

What Would Debbie Do? Help, Work is Taking Over My Personal Life Dear Debbie, I’m 30 years old, have been working on my career and recently realized that my personal life is nothing to be desired. I spend so much time working that I’ve alienated my boyfriend, my girlfriends and my family. The pressure has […] Continue reading