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Deborah Perry Piscione, Co-founder & CEO

Deborah Perry PiscioneIn addition to being a co-founder of, Deborah Perry Piscione is a bestselling author, on-air political commentator and public speaker. She is the co-author (with Dr. Julianne Malveaux) of a Washington Post bestseller entitled Unfinished Business: A Democrat and a Republican Take on the 10 Most Important Issues Women Face (Perigee, September 2002), and a television and radio commentator on CNN and National Public Radio. As a television and radio commentator, Deborah has appeared as a guest on The Today Show, Wolf Blitzer Reports, The McLaughlin Group, The O’Reilly Factor, Hardball with Chris Matthews, and Politically Incorrect, and has been a featured guest on PBS, BET and National Public Radio programs including Justice Talking, Public Interest and The Tavis Smiley Show. She has been featured in leading women’s magazines such as Ladies’ Home Journal, and in newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News and Sacramento Bee.

Early in her career, Deborah served as a congressional staffer for then-U.S. Senator Connie Mack, U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and a political appointee for President George Bush (41st president), and specialized her legislative and executive career in foreign policy. From these positions, Deborah gained a breadth of writing experience in op-eds, political speeches and press releases, and later became a freelance writer for magazines such as Ladies’ Home Journal and National Geographic Traveler. She has won numerous awards including a Gracie Allen Award for her participation in a debate for NPR’s Justice Talking, and a distinguished award from The White House Project. To contact Deborah, please e-mail her at

April Daniels Hussar, GM & Editorial Director

April Daniels HussarA California girl transplanted to the wilds of the Big Apple, April’s background includes extensive editorial and marketing work, social media expertise, and a whole lot of blogging. Previous to BettyConfidential, April was managing editor of where she honed her gossip-hound chops (a dubious, yet surprisingly useful, talent). She was managing editor at the luxury publication Ocean Style Magazine, contributing editor at, and she has contributed to a variety of online publications including, Yahoo’s and She has written about everything from friending exes on Facebook to Sarah Palin; from the best lip gloss to raising a daughter in the 21st Century. A popular mommy blogger, April traveled to the Vancouver Winter Olympics as one of Proctor & Gamble’s “Thank You Mom” Bloggers. Determined not to let life end post-Bambina, April’s as likely to be found rubbing elbows with fellow fashionistas and gawking at celebs at premiers and events as trolling Target for cheap-chic tees and economy-sized Tide. April has a slight addiction to books and beauty products and in her imaginary spare time, neglects her personal blog. To contact April, please email her at

Lucia Peters, Senior Editor

Lucia PetersA New Yorker by way of Boston with a brief stop in London, Lucia lives a double life as a writer/editor and a theatre director. What this means is that she spends a lot of time thinking about exactly what she would do if she had a time machine. When she’s not blogging about everything from the latest movies and TV shows to the wackiest new Internet memes, she can be found drinking too much coffee while glued to her Kindle. Her writing has also appeared on and To contact Lucia, please email her at 


Diana Denza, Contributing Editor

Diana DenzaDiana is a native New Yorker who could live on coffee, Brooklyn bagels, and Diet Coke. She has held internships at Lucky, Cosmopolitan, and Time Out New York and her work has appeared on TONY Kids and She is obsessed with Honey Boo Boo, Jennifer Lawrence, Alice Englert, teen fantasy novels, and lip gloss, though not necessarily in that order. To contact Diana, please email her at



Jamie Danno, GM, Food, Home, & Office Design

Jamie DannoOriginally from San Diego, California, Jamie traded in her flip-flops for an apron as she discovered her passion for food, culinary, and all things hospitality. As an undergraduate at California State University, Chico, Jamie learned the true meaning of quality produce, and farm to table, while experimenting with local goods. After graduating in 2011, Jamie traveled for a month, eating her way across Europe, experiencing some of the most noteworthy dishes tasting the unique flavors of Italy, France, and Spain. It wasn’t too long until Jamie followed her heart (and stomach) to San Francisco, California. Her love for food and hospitality continued to grow as she pursued a position in PR and Marketing at a high-energy hospitality consulting agency, Andrew Freeman & Co (AF&Co.) . During her time at AF&Co., Jamie’s proudest accomplishment was her contribution to the 2012 Trends Report:The Passion Collection, which is looked upon for upcoming trends and innovation in the San Francisco hospitality scene.

Jamie is a healthy-food-loving, cooking enthusiast who thrives by living each day with an open mind, sense of humor and all-can-do attitude. When not on the job, Jamie enjoys entertaining for friends and family, running, cycling, and catching up on her latest reality show addiction.To contact Jamie, please email her at


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