Ten Sex Terms You Should Know

Before turning a "hat trick” or getting a "pearl necklace,” be sure you know what you are talking about.
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Ten Sex Terms You Should Know

Before turning a “hat trick” or getting a “pearl necklace,” be sure you know what you are talking about.

-Libby Keatinge

Ten sex terms you should know

“What is that?!” you may have asked in the past when hearing a term like “hat trick” or “a date with Senorita Mano.” Ignorant no more ladies! When the guys are throwing around their sexual slang, be sure you come armed with our list of ten sex terms you should know so you know exactly what you are getting into.

1. Hat Trick: You have heard plenty of times that it is a serious faux pas to sleep with your ex’s friend. But what if you do it twice? There’s a term for you bad girl! “Hat trick” is when you have had sex with three guys from the same group of friends.

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2. Nuts and Bolts: They are essential hardware! The male genitalia is sometimes referred to as “nuts and bolts.”

3. Hall pass: When your significant other is out of town, you have a “hall pass.” Plenty of extra time to hang with your pals, and no one to answer to as to what time you will be home.

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22 thoughts on “Ten Sex Terms You Should Know

  1. Not necessarily. i happened to hook up with 3 of my brothers friends. When i was 17, another at age 29, then the current one at age 52. They all know my brother. And we all live in different states. Just saying. i never thought about it, until i read this article! My brother has some fine friends. The latest is the best!

  2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Overview

    By Chris Woolston, M.S.

    There are only two ways to completely protect yourself from a sexually transmitted disease. You can abstain from sex altogether or have sex only with a partner you know to be uninfected. Condoms and other barrier protection can greatly reduce the risk of most sexually transmitted diseases, but even these are not 100 percent effective.

    It goes without saying that few people choose the first option — and many others choose to forgo condoms, either occasionally or all the time. Then there are those who think they are in a monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner and are later stunned to find that they are not.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 19 million new sexually transmitted infections occur each year, almost half of them among young people aged 15 to 24. In addition, national infection rates for syphilis and other dangerous STDs have been rising over the past few years — a trend that worries health authorities.

    More than 20 different viruses and bacteria can pass from one partner to another during sex. Many of these germs, including the bacterium that causes chlamydia and the virus that causes herpes, live on the surface of the genitals. These infections can spread during genital contact, including oral or anal sex. Some viruses — such as HIV, the virus that causes AIDS — live in semen and other bodily fluids. These diseases spread most easily during unprotected vaginal or anal sex.

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